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Changes in the casino app world

20 May 2020 Developer News
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With the improvements in internet speeds, and the huge increase in both computer and mobile phone usage, the market has opened up for the traditional casino companies to offer their services to a much wider audience. We have reviewed more than 100 casino apps over the past 8 years and have noticed some big changes in this arena, Initially, the range of options was limited to the traditional slots and card games, but with technology leaps and design progress, these apps and online sites have now become more realistic and entertaining. Playing the newer versions, it can become easy for hours to pass without notice as they are truly very immersive and fun to play.


Looking at some of these changes, the first one that has become popular is the introduction of chat features within the apps themselves. This has been made possible by faster internet and has changed the environment in to a more sociable one. Makes sense in retrospect as casinos themselves are a sociable place to be in many cases. This, coupled with design improvements make these apps and sites a more comfortable place to spend your free time on. One of our favourites is the Riverboat app that we have featured a few times on our site. Just like in JCBで入金可能なオンラインカジノ(online casinos that accept JCB deposits) this game can also be played from mobile devices. The app was developed by a keen casino visitor and many of the features added have come from feedback and suggestions from the users themselves. A good thing to see.

The number of casino and gambling apps now in the AppStore runs in to the thousands and that number is set to increase following the court case last year that gives power to the individual states rather than the federal government in the licencing of casinos. Although due to the fact that not all US States have come onboard, this makes for some strange situations where users have to cross state lines to place a bet. We expect this situation to fix itself as more States sign up to the legislation.


The industry and sites have also diversified, with many focusing on aggregating the best options available, offering reviews, analysis and comparing the different feature on offer from each. There are quite a few that provide alert and notifications when different sites are offering bonuses and free pins to give an example and this can be very useful in discovering sites you wouldn’t otherwise her about. They also keep an eye out for sites with bad reputations, therefore safeguarding you from losing out to unscrupulous people. All of these sites also give sensible advice on how to play responsibly which is a good thing to know.

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