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New SmartWatch Has App to Take Perfect Selfie with Smartphone Camera

22 May 2020 Developer News
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In this modern-day and age, everyone who uses smartphones knows what a selfie is. Without a doubt, selfies are one of the things that gave life to a lot of social media apps. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, you name it — the core root of the social media apps is the posting of photos. Everyone is looking into producing the best masterpieces. And what better way to make one by taking a selfie hands-free.


But how do you do that?

The T1 tact watch will help you take a hands-free selfie.

Want to find out more? Let’s dig right in!

About the T1 Tact Watch

Before we take a more in-depth look into how this wristwatch will make your life better, selfie-wise, let’s first look at the device itself. This way, you will understand how it comes into play in selfie-taking.

The T1 Tact watch is a military-grade piece with some of the best features that technology has to offer. This all-black, tough timepiece not only tells you the time, but also helps you to time your workouts, and monitor your heart rate. This makes the watch versatile as you can use for day to day activities and it also works well in the gym. Secondly, because of its shockproof feature, it can withstand great falls and even underwater pressure. It can be worn both on high and low altitudes as well as in water. And the best thing is that it’s a full smartwatch. All its great features can be accessed through an app that you download on your mobile devices. Sounds impressive, right? But wait, there is even more great news. Now, you can take a selfie without really having your phone at hand. Want to see how it works? Read on.

How the selfie feature works

First things first, you must have a compatible device where you download and install the watch app. The best thing is that both iOS and Android users can download and use the app. After you have the app on your phone, then proceed to do the following. Well, of course, you must have the T1 tact watch midnight diamond smartwatch model to get this whole process running. Without this particular watch, the app is useless. The process is straightforward, and anyone with a basic knowledge of using a smartphone can do it. First, you put on your phones' Bluetooth and then pair-up the watch. Believe it or not, with just that one step, you have everything set up. Technically, you have the software set up, but now all you need is to plan for your selfie. Set up the props, the scene, and then with a touch of a button, you have your desired snaps. Just those few steps, and you are all done.

What can you achieve using this app?

Take pictures

Through the app and your phone, you can be able to take snapshots. The process of doing that is very straightforward, as described above. Although, we all know that sometimes you would like to have a few moments before the snap to get into character, hence the timer setting. No need to worry, as this is possible too while using the watch and the app. As long as you set the timer on your device, the click will activate the timer and get your picture in the set time.

Record videos

If you thought all you could do is take pictures, then you are mistaken. You can also activate the video recording on your device just as simple as the photos. Using the same procedure as the timer, you will pre-set it on your device. Once you dial on your wristwatch, it will record the video.

Who can benefit from this app?

Social Media Influencers

Influencers remain relevant if the material they post on their social media feeds continues to impress their followers. Sometimes, they come up with ideas on a whim and need it to be filmed just as fast. With the app literally at their palm, they can shoot the video or pictures quickly using the app and the watch.


A YouTuber is yet another contender that will find this tactical watch app very helpful. Taking videos indoors might not be an issue, but making them outside may need some assistance. Now, they do not need an assistant as long as they have a tripod set. Creators who record prank videos are the most advantaged by this new piece of technology.


Not every legendary picture on social media was taken professionally. Some people choose to take the photos themselves. They set up the props, the background, and hold a full self-photography session. And so the tactical watch app will, for sure, ease this whole process.

Tips for taking exceptional selfies

Let’s look at how to take the perfect selfie tips to help you take those exceptional selfies that you have always desired

Play with lighting

Taking the perfect selfie mostly depends on how you play with the lighting. Creatively, you can take advantage of shadows, bright lights as well as darkness. The resulting images are all dependent on your openness to trying new things.

Use props

Whether you go with plants, toys, or any other object, props give a typical photo character. It helps you tell a story about your picture. Do you know of the maxim, a photo is worth a thousand words? The props give the visuals a narrative.

Integrate gadgets in your project

For a better and smooth running process, consider integrating gadgets into your shoots. Use tripods and artificial lighting, not forgetting to add the tactically watch app to get instant snaps. A process that would ideally take you a whole day could be reduced to last only a few hours plus better-looking pictures.

Where to get the T1 Tact Watch

With all that information on getting fantastic pictures, it’s time now to get this excellent tech piece. For your information, there are a multitude of counterfeits out there, so you must be careful when you plan to purchase one. These smartwatches can only be purchased through the company’s website. Do not be tricked into getting one through other e-commerce markets as it might be a rip-off.

Take a perfect selfie with your smartwatch and app

A great selfie gives one a great feeling and improves self-confidence. It’s time now for you to also shoot great selfies that you will love and enjoy sharing with friends and online. The T1 Tact smartwatch is all you need and of course, the app. Then you are good to go.

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