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What is a Gambling Blocker?

26 May 2020 Developer News
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Gambling blockers are one of the ways people can control their spending at online casinos. While most people are able to enjoy games like blackjack and roulette with no problems, there is no doubt some individuals can be more susceptible to succumbing to addiction than others. This is where a tool like a gambling blocker can be helpful, allowing people to remove themselves from situations where they may be tempted to have a bet online. So, what is a gambling blocker - and how do they work? Let's take a look.

How gambling blockers work

The first thing to point out is that there are two distinct types of blockers. Firstly, there is gambling-specific blocking software, which is tailored to tackling betting sites and online casinos. These are the most common tools that will be used by people searching for blockers. General internet blocking software can also be used as a gambling blocking tool. On these apps, users can set the websites that they want to be blocked, which can include betting sites. General blockers like Net Nanny can be particularly useful for families with shared computers, where parents might want to keep a close eye on what material their children are accessing. Blockers sometimes stop gambling-related online advertisements from being shown on web pages too. This can be very useful for anyone who finds it hard to avoid the temptation to have a bet while they are surfing the internet. However, people considering using gambling blockers need to be aware that the apps do not always block every single betting website or online casino out there. For example, overseas websites that are not signed up to the same protection schemes may be excluded from being blocked by the software.

Other methods to control online gambling

Many people find they can keep a close eye on their online gambling without ever needing to resort to the use of any blocking software. For example, most betting sites and online casinos nowadays allow you to use other methods to limit your losses. This includes setting a limit on the amount of money that can be deposited into an account each week, or perhaps each month. Loss limits are another option typically offered. Users who use a loss limit at their online casino will be prevented from placing further bets if they exceed the loss limit, they have selected. Cooling-off periods are also increasingly offered by online casinos. This allows people to be temporarily locked out of using their online casino account, perhaps for a period such as a month, in order to control how much money, they are spending on their favourite games.

Examples of gambling blocking apps

There are a lot of different gambling blocking apps out there, so people might be confused about the one that is the right choice for them. It is always worth carrying out some independent research to see which sounds like the best fit, but here is some information about the most notable gambling blocking apps that are available to use on the internet right now. Gamban is the software available from the UK's Be Gamble Aware service. A seven-day trial is available for the Gamban blocking software and it can be used on mobile devices too. This means anyone trying to control their online betting will not be able to access online casinos on their smartphone or tablet when using Gamban. Available for Windows computers and Android smartphones, GamBlock has been helping people to stay in control of their gambling since 2000. There is not a free trial available for GamBlock right now but their pricing is quite reasonable compared to their competitors. GamBlock will stop people from accessing gambling sites even if they are using a VPN. Another gambling software blocker that is available is Betfilter, which was made in conjunction with experts from the Center For Ludomani in Denmark. Betfilter is the product of a decade of gambling software developments, so users can be assured it works exactly as it should.

Those who want to try a free gambling blocking tool could try out BetBlocker, which is also used as a parental control. It is claimed that more than 12,500 gambling websites can be blocked from being accessed through the use of this software. One of the good things about BetBlocker is it can be downloaded on to both iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Macs and PCs.

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