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3 Slick Apps and Why You Need Them

28 May 2020 Developer News
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Slick apps

When it comes to your computers, laptops, and other devices, there are so many programs and applications to choose from to personalize your experience. Whether it is for professional needs, or simply adding a little bit of enjoyment to your life, there are a countless number of apps for your liking. Here are 3 types of apps that you’ll want to consider when it comes to your media lifestyle.

Media Downloaders

Videos are important to both education and entertainment when it comes to computer and laptop use. We live in a digital media age where everything is either streamed, blogged, or cast. All the information is readily available online and shared within communities for a variety of reasons. However, you won’t always have access to a stable internet connection and if you are looking to consume digital media, you will need to find ways to bring these videos with you, offline. This is where downloaders come into play.

A video downloader will allow you to take videos off youtube or other video sharing platforms to watch or rewatch them later, regardless of your connectivity. This is perfect for students that need to watch pre recorded lectures, for various businesses and conferences, editors looking to make adjustments on the go, and just about anyone that enjoys video content. Additionally, many downloaders also double as video conversion tools, allowing you to convert your media into different formats, depending on your needs. This is perfect for changing video files to audio files that will allow you to listen to your downloads when you don’t need it to be paired with visual support. So you’ll be able to take things such as lectures, conversations, and even songs and listen to them without having to play the videos and eat into your phone battery. Take your favorite talk shows with you while you multitask and work on other things. You’ll find video downloader applications useful in positively adding to your everyday life.

Cloud storage

When it comes to being on the go, working with various computers, laptops, and other devices, having cloud storage applications is key to your success. These applications will be lifesavers and will save you from lugging around your personal computers, or even memory banks. All your information and documents can be stored and accessed through cloud storage, on servers that you don’t need to worry about. You simply need to link your accounts and keep your passwords accessible and you will be able to have your files with you wherever you go.

Depending on the application and what programs are linked with it, you will even have access to editing capabilities for things like word documents, presentation files, and spreadsheets. This means that with these applications, you are maximizing your ability to work and be productive no matter where you are. No more limitations and inability to access your files, everything is at your fingertips. Sharing your documents is easy too. You simply grant access to your files to those that you want to view and edit your work, and you will be collaborating in no time.

Having cloud storage means that you will also be saving a lot of room on your home devices as there will be less space and memory being needed to store your files, or you can always rely on the cloud to be your backup storage to ensure you never lose files again. With these cloud applications, there are no limitations on your ability to work, and no stressing about saving and losing material.

Communication Applications

The ability and desire to communicate is an innate need in human beings. It is something that is found in all aspects of your life, from school and work to social interactions. Without communications, society would cease to exist. With technology, the ability to communicate with each other has taken leaps forward and connects people in much easier and faster ways. From working in a group and collaborative ways to personal and visual communications, some applications do just about everything. It has even found ways to entertain people, allowing users to provide different and shareable content that connects millions of people. There is little to no limit on how you want to communicate, it is just about finding the right application that fills your needs.

No matter what you are using your personal computers for, there are so many programs that you should explore. There are things to fit your professional and entertainment requirements. You might even find something that sparks a new passion or interest.

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