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AppStore changes to casino apps

30 May 2020 Developer News
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Having reviewed more than 100 casino apps over the last 9 years we feel comfortable in being able to comment on the changes that happen within this arena. There have been many significant improvements during this time and no doubt there will be more to come. Since the launch of the AppStore all those years ago, the number of casino apps and the range of features has increased at n ever increasing rate and here’s why.

The first, and most recent factor has been the court casein the US that handed powers over the management of casino licences to the individual States. The significance of this is that gambling, and therefore the legality of casino apps and websites like has meant an ever widening market that these apps and sites can operate in. Naturally, this has caused an increase in activity in this category and will not stop for some time yet. Although not all of the US States have signed up to this new legislation with only 30 plus having done so yet, we expect the rest to come onboard over the next year or so. However, until this time there are some anomalies like neighbouring states having different rules and users having to cross State lines to place a bet.  

The next important change we have seen is the improvement in technology that has allowed the apps to perfect the look and feel of the app with improved design changes. The technology available now means that the graphics are superior and the features available much better. Many now incorporate a chat feature in to the app or site, making for a more sociable environment. Some apps even have music tracks playing while you play the apps. Of course, anything that keeps users at the tables longer is a goal of all the casino apps and websites. I guess, this mirrors the real casinos in this regard as many don’t have clocks inside and the lighting is geared towards making the experience comfortable.

Faster internet speeds from 3G, then 4G have also made a large contribution to the spread of apps and websites as more people can now log in from more places and don’t need to rely on WiFi as mush as before. Increasing the coverage area has not only increased the audience but also made it easier to log in at more convenient times and places.

The last significant change we feel has come from the number of payment options that have now become available. This however is currently going through a stage of flux while different countries establish different ground rules in order to maintain responsible gambling while still allowing users to carry on using these options with little hinderance to normal activities.

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