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Kajabi Feature Review: 9 Crucial Functions & Their Pricing

12 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Kajabi is a content management system (CMS) that provides entrepreneurs with a centralized platform to promote, distribute, and sell products. The system helps entrepreneurs to focus on content creation while leaving out the technical hassle to the system. When it comes to pricing, Kajabi starts at $149 per month and can cost as much as $399 per month. If you would like to learn more, has an excellent Kajabi pricing overview. Read on to learn nine critical features of the Kajabi platform that eases enterprise management.

1. Free Trials

Kajabi allows entrepreneurs to give customers a taste of their products so that they can buy with confidence. Once the clients test the products, the system helps convert them into buying clients by prompting them to purchase or subscribe to the product so that they can enjoy more services.

2. Automated Email

Kajabi permits clients to use email sequences and broadcasts. Email sequence is a process of sending automated emails that new subscribers start receiving immediately when they enroll with the service. On the contrary, email broadcast is a service that dispatches electronic messages to people in the mailing list. Email messages can be personalized to improve customer engagement. If you would like to learn more about automated emails, has a great guide.

3. Website Creator

Kajabi features a tool that allows users to build websites and customize themes tailored to suit individual tastes. Furthermore, website building using the Kajabi platform does not require previous experience to create an excellent site since the software completes the technical functions.

4. Integrated E-commerce

Clients can pay for goods and services on the Kajabi platform. The primary payment systems on the CMS include Stripe and PayPal. Stripe pricing can be found on, but generally, it starts from 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

5. Secure

Suitable business platforms should guarantee security of clients’ data. Consequently, Kajabi encrypts data and works with Cloudflare, a global company specializing in website security and performance. The high-security measures Kajabi implements allows clients to operate worry-free since their data is inaccessible to unauthorized third parties. Cloudflare plans start at $0 and you can see the full pricing table on

6. Membership Program

Kajabi allows users to include a membership program. Thus, users can introduce distinct membership levels such as Gold, Bronze, and Silver to their clients. The membership strategy fosters loyalty among the customers. Kajabi also allows users to describe the requirements of each membership level. One advantage of the Kajabi is that customers can purchase the membership services directly on the platform since it is integrated with Stripe and PayPal.

7. Continuous Development

Kajabi collects feedback from its users, and, then, uses the recommendations to improve the platform. Therefore, the CMS keeps introducing new customized features to enhance the usability of the system.

8. Straightforward Design

Kajabi is designed to accomplish technical projects. However, it has a simple interface design that allows even individuals who are not technology-savvy to use the system effortlessly. Besides, the platform includes ‘Kajabi Assistant,’ a program that answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) or redirect users to how-to-guides.

9. Video Hosting

Kajabi collaborates with Wistia Company to assist clients in embedding secure business videos on their platforms. Wistia Company focuses on the creation and distribution of business-related videos. Thus, clients can upload videos on the Kajabi platform without compromising their security. Furthermore, third parties cannot download or use videos uploaded in Kajabi unless they have permission from the content owner.

Wistia is already included in Kajabi’s subscription cost, so you won’t have to pay separately. However, you can view Wistia’s pricing here, just to see how much you would be paying if you decided to use it without Kajabi.

Overall, Kajabi is a crucial business tool for organizations seeking to centralize their operations, secure clients’ data, and save on the costs of purchasing subscription services from different systems.

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