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Best iOS Location Spoofer to Master Pokemon Go & Tinder

16 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Virtual Location (iOS)
Virtual Location (iOS)

Virtual Location (iOS)

A technology is described by which a virtual location marker (for example, virtual marker or similar placeholder) is determined from the results of a query, in which the virtual location marker corresponds to a first set of coordinates (for example, a latitude, longitude, and / or altitude of a business location) to represent a point on a map. Various static and dynamic data can be used to select a result that is considered most desirable among the results of multiple queries. The virtual location marker can be emitted, for example, mapped and / or used to provide audio directions. The virtual location marker can be automatically redetermined, including changing the marker virtual location to correspond to a different second set of coordinates now considered more desirable in view of the state change.

Many iTools users like our iOS GPS spoofer function, because this function is very practical in daily life. For example, you can get to know a place better before traveling there; You can trick your friends or colleagues with the bogus location sometimes; Some people use this feature to register for work; Other people make use of the virtual location to play games like Pokemon Go.

Virtual Location features

  • Teleport iPhone GPS to anywhere in the world you want
  • Simulate GPS movement based on the dummy route you took
  • Simulate GPS movement based on real routes
  • Work with all location-based AR games or apps

This app also allows you to "cheat" on location-based games. Some of these games may require you to actually move. Well, with this application you can act as if you are moving somewhere. In other words, you can play various location-based games if you stay at home. You can also choose two or more routes and simulate as if you are moving from one point to another (on that route). You can also set time intervals so all of your engineering looks natural. This will eliminate the possibility that you will be suspected by someone who has enough experience using similar applications.

How TO Use It In 3 Modes

1 After launching the application, users can select "Teleport Mode" and enter the destination location in the search bar.

2 Set the pin and once the destination location is selected, click the "Move here" button to make fun of the location of the connected device.

3 To simulate their movement, users can simply select "Walk / Route Mode" in the interface. They can then specify the points and adjust the speed to cover the route.

Developed by Wondershare, the dr.fone toolkit presents various applications for Android and iOS devices. The toolkit is used in more than 190 countries worldwide by more than 50 million people. In addition to that, virtual location, backup and restore, erase, repair of iOS / Android etc. are some of their other popular products. The goal of the toolkit is to provide easy-to-use utility solutions for smartphone users, making their lives easier than ever.

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