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Millennial Apps You Should Try This 2020

17 Jun 2020 Developer News
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There are a lot of apps available across platforms whether you are an IOS user or a die-hard Android fan there is an app for you. Everyone who has a smartphone uses apps, but it differs based on age and preferences. People ages 10 to 15 years old prefer games and video streaming apps like YouTube Kids and Disney plus while people ages 24 to 39 years old or most commonly known today as “Millennials” like to download social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It can be hard to know which app to try as there are millions of apps available out in the store, reviews definitely help but it can be subject to fake ones and editor’s choice sometimes altered. These are the apps every millennial should try this year, remember that some of these apps are free and some cost a dollar or two.


For millennials who love music, Spotify is the perfect music streaming app for you. It has huge collections of music from classical to the number one hit song today, and they are free and legal. Spotify is known for having a smart algorithm that can suggest music and playlist you like to hear based on your recently played songs. It also has a simple UI design that makes it user-friendly. This is a good app for people who just want to laidback and relax during long hours of drive and commute.


Many people including millennials are not sure or don’t know anything when people started to talk about investment. Apps like Acorns makes it very simple to understand. You just need to answer few questions and have your debit or credit card ready with you, link it to the app and it will automatically round up all the transaction purchased done with the card then invest your money into a portfolio that you like. Since its first launch, the company that developed the app continued to innovate and raised the standard for investing apps. It helps Millennials to invest a little bit of money that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary things.


Remember the stories your grandparents told you during family dinner how they end up together by just using old fashion way of courting and some of us may cringe while they tell it to us. Gone are those days because creating new connections has become a lot easier through the years and can be downloaded straight from our smartphones. Bumble is a dating app similar to Tinder but you only have 24 hours to start a conversation with the person you matched with.


Hulu is a video streaming app where you can watch your favorite tv shows, movies, and a lot cheaper compared to other streaming apps. Some of Hulu’s best shows are South Park, Fargo, Casual, ER, Family Guy, and many more shows that are truly suitable for millennials who want to revisit old shows that are not available on-air. It also has original shows like Shut Eye and The Handmaid’s Tale that won multi Emmy awards.

The list doesn’t end here, there are tons of apps you can try on. As long as you do not spend most of your time focused on your smartphones these will continue to give people especially Millennials to enjoy their time.

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