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Playing Casino Games on Your Smartphone - Mobile Browser vs Dedicated App

17 Jun 2020 Developer News
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The fact that we are using our smartphones more than any other device is no revelation. And, of course, that includes gaming and gambling as well. It’s all about mobility and being able to access your favorite games anytime you want to. However, ever since mobile casinos became the dominant force in the industry, there is a hot debate on how to get the best experience. While some players claim they are doing simply fine using the mobile website offered by their favorite casinos, others think a dedicated casino application is a must. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at both ways to play your favorite casino games on a smartphone or tablet and help you decide what’s the best choice for you.

Playing Directly in Your Mobile Browser

Users that root for playing directly on the mobile website of their favorite online casinos often mention the benefit of not having to download another app on your phone. And while this can be a short-term advantage, if you’re not careful when choosing the online casino, you may end up with a less-pleasant experience at the end of the day. Indeed, the same can be valid for a casino app that is not optimized properly or crashes constantly. So, the bottom line is that both ways to play online games have their ups and downs.

Another reason why some casino players prefer to just use the browser to play on their mobile devices is the limited support that most casino apps have for operating systems other than iOS or Android. If you have a Blackberry, or even a Windows Phone (even though they switched to Android as of late), there is a good chance you won’t find a casino app for your model. And while this is an undeniable setback, it does not make casino apps any less efficient or entertaining than the mobile website.

To sum things up, playing directly on the mobile website of a casino brings the advantage of not having to install an app or worry about having enough memory or other stuff like that. It’s also beneficial for users that don’t have an iOS or Android device, and it can come with a bit of an advantage for unusual screen sizes since mobile websites are responsive and can rapidly adapt to any screen.

Playing on Top Mobile Casino Apps

We are sure that you have already figured out some advantages that the best casino apps bring to the entire experience. However, there is plenty to point out and some of them may not be so obvious.

We can drop the online casino theme altogether and look at things from a wider perspective. What generates the best results? A system that is designed to handle a wide range of tasks, with multiple variables and functionalities, or a system that is specifically designed to do a certain job? It is obvious that the answer is always going to be “the specialized system”. No matter how good the other one is, you are always going to have to make some sacrifices in quality to make it as versatile as possible. Take this notion and apply it to the online browser vs dedicated app discussion we are having. A mobile app that is carefully developed by the casino will deliver you a much better experience overall.

From using less data or functioning flawlessly even when your reception isn’t that good, and all the way to how things are optimized on a mobile app, everything is designed to let you enjoy the games to the maximum. Take the Starburst slot from NetEnt, as an example. This is, without doubt, the most popular slot in the online casino industry and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon. However, even a top slot like this one can feel off if you are playing in the browser and your mobile phone does not get enough internet or any other possible issues. Playing on a mobile app is different because the game can pre-load a part of its resources, so you get the best experience even if you go through minor connection problems. Plus, some of the elements can be stored on your phone which means you will use a lot less data when playing.

So, we warmly recommend going for a dedicated app when you have this possibility. It is also true that more and more casinos stopped developing apps for their brands recently. However, that is not because they do not believe the apps deliver a better experience. But rather because making them available on the App Store or Google Play is quite difficult with all the changes in each country’s online gambling framework.

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