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Is Your PC Terribly Slow? Here’s 4 Ways to Speed It Up

23 Jun 2020 Developer News
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For many of us, our entire lives revolve around computers. The first thing we do in the morning is to check our email, as is the last thing; the computer has become an integral part of our day-to-day existence and without it, we would likely be lost. They have reshaped the way we communicate and reshaped the way we do business. When our computers or laptops begin to slow down and show signs of aging, it can be easy to panic, especially with so much invested into them.

Thankfully, just because your computer is slow, it does not mean all is lost. There are many solutions to a slow computer, and here are four ways you can speed your computer up.

Clean Up Your Computer

You’re probably here because your computer is slow. Well, check this out for size! If your computer is becoming very slow and showing signs of being on its way out, it may simply have too many programs and too much downloaded on it. Computers, much like workhorses, begin to slow down when you overload them with unnecessary junk! You can improve the speed of your computer by simply deleting unnecessary folders and programs and reducing the amount of junk you have stored on your computer. Luckily, there is a bunch of cleaner apps that can do this for you, all you have to do is read some reviews to find the best one. Once you have cleaned up your computer you will be very surprised to see just how fast it can become!

Scan for Viruses

Very frequently, the cause of a slow computer is simply a virus; whether malware or spyware, both can seriously inhibit the performance of your computer. Viruses are very problematic, and your computer can very often be inundated with them without you even knowing. When your computer begins to slow down drastically the first thing you should do is run a virus scan and see if you are infected.

Clean Your Cache

Sometimes computers can clog up with junk you didn't even know existed. Your cache may often be the harbourer of gigabytes and gigabytes of junk you didn't know was on your computer; everything we do on our computers leaves residual data behind, and if you do not clean your cache regularly then you will find that there are tonnes and tonnes of pieces of data lying around that can hinder your computer's performance and prevent you from using your computer the way that you want to do.

Get an External Hard Drive

Occasionally, a slow computer can simply be caused by there not being enough memory.  If your computer is becoming slow, you should check how much remaining memory you have, and if you have quite a lot of memory used up, you should consider either following the first step mentioned or maybe you could try  using an external hard drive on your computer. You can pick up external hard drives for a very low price and they can really improve your experience using your computer and give you tonnes more memory to make use of.

You should keep your computer in the best condition you possibly can, as it is very common for our entire lives to revolve around them. Do not give your computer an opportunity to slow down or break on you.

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