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Top creative and enjoyable writing apps to use in college

23 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Even though college is not all about studies, you devote plenty of time to attending lectures, doing homework, and taking part in different educational projects. Have you ever had such hard times that you asked your groupmate, «Can you do my statistics homework for me?». That`s right; it can be really tough. Besides, more than half of regular college assignments are papers: essays, presentations, reports, term papers, dissertations, etc. With so many writing assignments to do, even creative students may run out of ideas and get the so-called writer`s block when your inspiration seems to be far away. 

This is the case when some useful creative writing apps should be at hand: with access to at least one of them, it is not going to be that hard anymore. 

Top list of must-have writing apps for every student 

When it`s difficult to get the right writing mood and come up with an interesting topic, idea, or argument for your essay, you need some push. It may be creative writing software developed specifically for such cases. These platforms are aimed at drawing inspiration, finding ideas, reviewing readability, and sharing interesting content between users. To make the process of writing papers easier for you, we have compiled a list of best apps for creative writing:

1 Hemingway

Named like a famous American writer, this app is mainly aimed at checking the readability of your papers. For example, you are copying and pasting the piece you are working at and have an immediate analysis. With its help you will know whether your phrases are logical and clear or hard to read, what words should be substituted and whether using sentences in passive voice is too much and needs to be reconsidered;

2 Brainstormer

This one has an original beautiful design and can make you inspired by randomly set up ideas for papers of all kinds. The app is full of useful features: for example, you can pick between different types of ideas generation and have an endless list of possible combinations. You can also use word or character creator to get descriptive scenes;

3 Writing challenge

The app is based on the game and gives you another prompt within short intervals of time using which you can come up with new ideas, think about the dialogues, create new characters and describe settings for all the scenes in your story;

4 Oflow

The app is really helping when you get stuck with writing and can`t move forward. The app has over a hundred original prompts to make your brain work. A big plus is that it`s organized in a simple and user-friendly way and you can keep notes, put reminders and mark places inside the app;

5 Plot generator

The platform is also online, so you don`t need to download or subscribe to anything. It has several generators for writing papers of all kinds that include letters, essays, and even songs. Here you can find ideas for almost every needed genre, and each category has an extensive list of features to improve and facilitate your work;

6 Ia Writer Pro

With this app, you will not be distracted from writing. It has such features as syntax control, scanning the writing in different languages, nouns, verbs, and adjectives displayed for easy editing and much other stuff. You can concentrate on your ideas and do everything smoothly.

With one of these online apps, you can find some great ideas for your next paper!

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