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How To Pick The Perfect Tech Backpack

24 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Whether you just got a laptop and want to be extra protective, or you need to carry around your laptop a lot and your regular backpack is not equipped to handle one, it’s probably time for you to get a new laptop backpack. There is just one issue; there are so many backpacks out there that claim to be good tech bags, and you need a checklist or guide to wading through all the subpar ones. It’s not easy to single out an amazing backpack that can both protect your laptop and is still within your specified budget. Lucky for you, here you are going to find a detailed list of all the factors you need to consider when looking for the best tech backpack out there.

1. Safety

Unfortunately, thieves are everywhere. Even if you live in a safe area, you are still going to be moving around with your laptop back on your commute to and from work or school. This means that you need to ensure that your belongings are as safe as possible. While this was not a priority long ago, nowadays backpacks can actually provide such safety using lockable zips, and anti-theft designs that ensure that people cannot easily steal any of your belongings without you taking notice. If you are not sure where to start looking, you can start with the Standard’s Laptop backpack to get an idea of what you should opt for. This feature may seem unnecessary but having laptops or wallets stolen out of backpacks is more common than you might realize so it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Comfort

As mentioned above, you are going to be moving around quite a bit with your laptop. This means that comfort is one of the features you need to prioritize when looking for a new tech backpack. You can judge whether a tech backpack is going to be comfortable or not by checking whether it is padded in the back and if it has shoulder pads that ensure you can handle a load of your laptop and other belongings being lugged around in it. Remember that you are already carrying quite a lot of weight on your shoulders, so you need to find a tech bag that is made of lightweight material that won’t weigh down on you even more.

3. Sturdiness

Finding a lightweight backpack doesn’t mean that you should settle for one that is not sturdy. A tech bag needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. It certainly should not be tearing at the seams after a couple of wears.

4. Warranty

You read that right. High-quality backpack companies give you a warranty when buying a new laptop backpack. This is a great factor to consider if you are torn between two choices and are unsure which is best. You can simply get the backpack with a longer warranty period. Backpack warranties can cover a wide range of situations, including tears, defects, and sometimes damage done by different elements.

5. Space

This factor totally depends on a person’s preference. Some people want a backpack that can only be used for a laptop and little else. This means that they don’t require a spacious backpack. Unlike others who might want to use their laptop backpack to carry other belongings or even use it for traveling. Space can also entail how many compartments and pockets a backpack has. People can sometimes get frustrated looking for an item they threw into a pocket because they forgot which pocket it was. Others enjoy having multiple pockets that can hold a variety of items.

6. Design

The design element mostly has to do with a person’s style and of course whether they want to follow a certain trend or not. Nowadays, more people are leaning towards sleeker-looking backpacks that might be full of pockets and compartments but still have a seamless and smooth look to it.

7. Price

The fact that this is the last factor mentioned here does not make it any less important. In fact, the price of a backpack plays the biggest role in whether it is the right one for you or not. Backpacks range in prices and features. Often you will find that the more features a backpack has, the higher the price. Of course, this also depends on what brand you are going to be getting the backpack from. Before factoring in any of the above-mentioned features, you first need to set a budget so that you can easily narrow down your choices.

Using this detailed guide, you can get the best laptop backpack for your needs. Remember that sometimes it is better to get a tech laptop that seems pricey if it is made of high-quality material, making it last for a longer time than a cheaper low-quality one would. Now you don’t have to worry again about your electronics being damaged because of the constant moving around without a proper tech backpack

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