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Best Casino Apps for Android

26 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Ever since the introduction of the Androids, Casinos have had a boom in their outreach. Initially, when the online casinos started, it catered to a small section of society because the reach of the internet was less, but as soon as the network became widely available all over, the online casino started popping up. The 1990s can be considered to be the golden age of the casino where they not only started but also changed the entire course of the casino gaming. Today the online casinos are entirely different in their game choices as well as the process. This is due to the advancement in the development of technology.

616 Digital Slot:

When it comes to online slots real money, they are an entirely different sphere. Over the years, slots have become synonymous with the casinos. 616 Digital slots are one such option that is not a singular version but also consists of a dozen slots. Not only that, but they also have a few selections of games that are free-to-play. However, there is a difference between the free-to-play and pay-once-slots, as the latter won't get updates. Regarding graphics, the Pay-once-version displays everything that a modern slot would and has been programmed in such a way that it is easy to play, but the free-to-play is not bad either. 

777 Slots:

777 slots are the most popular games on the internet. It has everything that modern slots will have. However, it may lag in many ways, but it is better than many games on the internet. It's daily bonuses, slot themes, multiplayer tournaments, and various mini-games. The fact about 777 Slots is that it has been making games for so many years that has earned its name, but now it has only a few games on the internet. You can also find various poker games developed by the same programmer. 

Casino Joy Slots Myth:

When it comes to a somewhat different slot game, Casino Joy Slots Myth is what has a special place. Initially, it gives you an in-game currency to play at, but you will need to refill that as you go on playing. It has 40-paylines and is capable of large pay-outs. The game's design makes it very easy to play on any device whether that any of your android devices and is not just a time killer but also an entertainer. The high-tech graphics and sound are what make it brilliant design. 

Hana Slot Games:

Hana slots games are known for their interactive themes like Greek gods, Egyptian, under-the-sea, Aladdin, etc. The games are based around themes that are easy to load and fun to play. These are not the most preferred but can be a good way to kill boredom. Some bonuses can add to your entertainment, and if you get lucky, you won't drown in the slot game. Hana can be downloaded from the Playstore and doesn't take much pf your phone space.

HUUUGE Global:

HUUUGE Global is one such name among the slot developers that have earned their reputation. In the Android slots, their games are much different than each other, and if you don't like the mechanics of one, you can always try the other. The design is modern, and the sounds add to the effects of playing a slot game. You can also find the free-to-play version of the games. Once you download it from the store, it loads easily on your phone without any lagging. 

Pharaoh's Way Slots:

This is one of the most interactive and interesting slots you will play on the internet. It has a variety of slots with five-reels and three-reels. The Slots game has ten trillion gaming session s in its account as claimed by its developer. However, there are some issues related to cloud saving. If you change your phone, you can lose your progress. Apart from that, Pharaoh's Way Slots is a game that you will never regret playing.


Various such Apps can make it to the list, but it is almost hard to put them in a single list. Casino world is changing every day, and with it, the new products come in the market. From Video slots to 3D, the Slot gaming has come a long way and is continuously developing. 

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