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What Features Make the Best Sports Betting App?

28 Jun 2020 Developer News
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Sports betting

Sports betting apps are hugely popular with those who like a wager. Having an app on your phone means that you can bet in the most convenient way possible, without the need for a computer and without the need to stay at home. The number of people betting via a mobile device is on the rise, and any bookmaker that doesn’t have a mobile app is seen as being behind the times. It is expected that over the next few years all bookmakers will have an app for their players to download. But when you are looking for a bookmaker to use on your phone, what features make the best sports betting app? We all want slightly different things, but there are three main components that we should all be looking out for.

Easy Use & Fast Speed

While you will spend some time placing bets from the comfort of your sofa when you have a lot of time to do it, that won’t always be the case. Mobile betting apps offer convenience to players and the ability to bet while away from home. When you are doing this, you aren’t likely to have a lot of time, so this is where the speed of the app and how easy it is to use become even more important. You want an app that is quick to browse, especially if you are moving between Premier League football matches or looking through different horse races that are taking place. This needs to be fast and easy, giving those without much time the best chance of placing their bets. Quick log in functions, quick links to the big events or those that are due to start shortly and other things like this will all help you bet with speed.

Full Account Control

One thing that the top mobile apps all have in common is this, they offer you complete control of your account. Whether this is an informational app, one that you use to purchase items or even a game, you want to be able to do everything you need on the app. This should be no different for those who are placing bets. All betting markets should be available to bet on, you should be able to deposit and withdraw with ease and if you need any help, there should be a way of contacting the customer support team. These will all completely negate the need to ever go onto a computer and do anything, you should be able to do it all through the app on your phone. If you are away from a computer and need something, the app should be able to offer it.

Mobile Betting Offers

Many bookmakers are happy that their customers use an app to place bets. They would prefer all players to download and use their app and for this reason, some of them will have betting offers specifically for mobile players. Some of the bookmakers listed on the bookies offers website will offer these to players and they are a great way of getting a free bet or other type of offer as a mobile player. If you are intending to place all of your bets using a mobile device then effectively you are getting a bonus here for doing nothing differently than you normally would, the best type of bonus to get. We are likely to see bookmakers competing with their apps in the future, especially when every single bookie has one to offer. It would be no surprise to see this type of offer grow further when that happens.

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