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Apps to Edit Videos for Instagram

01 Jul 2020 Developer News
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Instagram is all about video, especially with the introduction of IGTV. But raw videos rarely withstand the competition with neat, edited ones. The in-build Instagram editor is great for some quick and simple changes, but what if you want more? Here is the list of some great video editors that can enhance your vlogging style and show that your brand means business. Why do you need to create original videos? If you want to get more followers, using special services, that reviews, won’t be enough. You need to get engagement and loyalty from your audience, and unique content is the key. 


As we can see from the very name, this app was created especially for Instagram. It is available both for Android and iOS and allows you to modify your videos right on the go. So, if your smartphone is powerful enough (as most of the modern ones are), you can make your Instagram stories even more impressive. Unfortunately, the number of instant filters that can be applied to the live stream is limited. So it works best with IGTV videos.

Among the most popular tools, there are background blurring for unused areas, dozens of color effects and filters, stickers, slow or fast motion. You may also cut, rotate and add background music to the videos made before. In addition to video editing, you may also make picture collages and add simple filters to your photos. The only drawback is the logo of the app in the corner of the videos edited in the free version. Luckily, the paid subscription is only $3 monthly, and it also allows you to use the full range of features.


Created by GoPro, this video usually comes with these cameras and is used for their footage. But you may import any video to Quik and process it as easily as its "native" GoPro shots. One of Quik's most loved features is its convenient approach to making videos, combining the most interesting moments (from the app's point of view), and adding background music to it. Quik will make transitions smooth and professional. The app may import all the most common formats, has an almost infinite number of filters, crops videos for Instagram, and allows to add stickers, text, slides, and many other features. It can also import up to 500 videos at once, so Quik is great for making video collages.


Magisto is a great app that can do anything instead of you. It's powerful AI will recognize the sound of your voice and the shape of your face and will position the frame the best way possible. It also can recognize many other things, such as landmarks, gestures, and bright objects. The AI is programmed specially to create emotionally charged videos. Of course, you can modify and adjust the computer-generated videos with countless filters, animations, speed and color control, and so on. The control panel is a simple drag and drop menu that will make the whole process a piece of cake. Magisto also allows you to use custom brand images, so it's great for creating advertisements. For now, it is one of the most powerful tools for Instagram vloggers and, unfortunately, one of the most expensive. The price is the only major drawback of Magisto.


Horizon is a one-feature app but an extremely useful one. Instagram users mostly make their videos in vertical mode, but the other platforms, such as YouTube, prefer horizontal mode. But if you want the same video to look perfect for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and whatever else, Horizon is what you need. You may tilt the camera as much as you want to, you can even turn it upside down, but the captured video will always be in a horizontal mode. Later you'll be able to crop your video to be vertical or just square, but it will still look professional without these side stripes. In addition to its main feature Horizon has a set of real-time filters, enhanced resolution mode, and ability to edit the uploaded videos.

There are lots of other video editors, but the ones above cover the major areas of video editing: filtering, work with live and preset videos, AI-generated or manual collages and struggle with vertical and horizontal mode. Have fun with them, and surprise the Internet with your awesome Instagram videos!

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