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How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed

06 Jul 2020 Developer News
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With the advent of smart technology, Google shopping is becoming a real hit in the digital sphere. This has prompted e-commerce stores to turn to Google shopping to improve customer shopping experiences. However, you must get things right as far as your Google shopping feed based optimization is concerned. Here are a few tips to help you take your Google shopping feed based optimization to the next level.

Google Shopping: The Benefits of GTIN

 Nowadays, the GTIN is quickly becoming an important aspect when it comes to the optimization process. Those who resell products supplied by manufacturers should invest in GTIN. Here are the top benefits of investing in GTIN when doing your Google shopping based feed optimization.

Pulling Catalogs

Normally, Google will use the GTIN when it comes to pulling the catalog of the supplier. It will then throw your ads into an auction. Your ads will default to the supplier’s catalog attributes. This will lead to the overriding of feed optimization. These explicit ads will trigger specific searches. Once a user clicks on your ads, he/she will be taken straight to your product store homepage. In addition, GTIN is pivotal in placing searches like Best, Top, etc. Even more, the searches will be referenced to customer reviews when positioning your ads. This means than good reviews will lead to the first position on Google.

Title Optimizations

Product title optimization plays a key role when it comes to digital marketing. They make your ads extremely relevant. This means that users will have an easy time when searching for your products online. As an important part of the feed, title optimization can deliver tremendous results (i.e. sales). However, you must get things right. For instance, you need to test the keywords on the feed to ascertain the most effective ones. Also, be sure to mirror product info from your site. Customers will get similar information (i.e. on the ad and site). The most important information should be placed at the start of your titles.

Consider Optimizing Color Attribute

Don’t mismatch landing page colors. Remember, Google is equipped with special tools that crawl through your landing page’s microdot and matches it with your feed’s color. value. Let color define you.

The Magic is in Dynamic Re-pricing

 E-commerce strategy can hugely benefit from competitive pricing. Learn all the dynamic solutions out there that can help you cope up with the shopping market price fluctuations.

Use the Right Images, News API

When it comes to digital marketing, the power of images cannot be underestimated. Product images play a key role in capturing client attention. Remember, images are the first thing a customer sees when he/she visits your website. So, choose the right images. The pictures you choose should be of high quality and mobile-friendly. All the variants in the picture should match. This includes color, size, and material. Also, if you want more readership, consider investing in the right news API. Learn about our local new API and the results will be tremendous.

The Bottom-Line

The way you optimize your Google shopping feed determines the success of your shopping ad campaign strategy. Use the above tips to optimize your Google shopping feed for better results.

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