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Overlooked But Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics To Add To Your Strategy

08 Jul 2020 Developer News
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The power of social media is like gasoline and whatever you share on it serves to be the fire that can trigger a large effect. This is the reason why everyone in the world seems to be on board with the emerging trends of social media marketing. From big corporations to small businesses, you can see their online presence more with their different online content and they're not even doing something you can call a hard-core ad. Many of these companies and brands have already substantiated their social media accounts to become real online identities, sharing informative and helpful content to their audiences. If you are one of the emerging business, you can start with effective but overlooked social media marketing tactics to boost your growth and subsequently increase your organic traffic and sales. These are simple, doable, and highly efficient ways to help you manage your marketing strategy.

Participating in Social Forum Sites

In aiming for the success of your business social media account, it is not enough that you simply aim for popularity. You also have to establish yourself as one of the leading authorities in the business. The first step in doing this is to go where people discuss, post about problems, and ask the online community about their concerns and needs. When you step in and provide them with the answers they need and direct them useful links coming from your social media sites then you are able to reach the audience with similar queries. You can also host different topics and sub-topics that are the trend for that particular site. Eventually, the attention you get adds more value to your brand. Most of the top answers or topics posted in top social forum site contenders are shot to the top of the page through votes garnered from other users of the platform. Remember that there are millions of readers who participate in the most popular forum sites so make sure you invest time and aim to attract even a fraction of this audience to check you out.

Linking Accounts Together

The thing with social media is that it appeals to certain age groups and different kinds of cliques but they are not found across different social media platforms at the same time. There are people who are keener on a particular platform such as Facebook and Instagram but they are not on Twitter or Youtube. On the other hand, some people are keener to participate in video-only platforms or blogs. This is the importance of linking your accounts together so the content you create in one platform can automatically be shared on another. You can also aim to create various kinds of content and share it on multiple platforms so you maximize the audience reached of your post. Make appropriate posts for each social media account and keep it according to the style and rules of this particular site.

Creating a Hashtag

Trendsetters have always started a culture of popular and attention-grabbing hashtags that can generate active participation from different kinds of audiences online. Even in social events, hashtags have proven to be powerful tools in generating more trendy posts to ignite the curiosity and interest of other people. This is one way you get searches and an increase in the usage of your hashtag will catapult you to the top trending topics for that day, week, or month. More people are going to check you out as a result and you get to establish an iconic catchphrase that will help people identify your brand among others in the business.

Social Media Giveaways

Social media giveaways are common and highly effective in increasing not just your followers but the engagement and buzz around your social media account. This is a particularly effective strategy in the world of Instagram since each post on this site is highly valuable since it is only in forms of photo and video content. The efficiency of this strategy heavily depends on knowing how to run an Instagram giveaway that will justify the cost and give you more leverage that will make the investment worth it. After all, you essentially give something away for free so it is better to get the most of it. You have to satisfy different factors first in order to make it a success. First, it should be compelling enough to make your followers do it and participate in the giveaway themselves. The algorithm of the site then determines your content as highly relevant and gives in precedence over other posts on the site. You reach a larger audience once this happens. It will ultimately help you garner more followers faster. Setting the rules of the giveaways where the participants are required to make a follow, share the post, and tag other people will make this a success.

Making Viral Content

The main job of social media managers is to create content most of the time but their job is not limited to making only a post that keeps your social media active. They have the power to think and create content that will go viral on different social media sites. Though it is not always easy to create a post that will do the trick, it should be at the back of the mind of anyone who is trying to manage a social media account. Look into the current trends, study where your target audience is going to, and respond to timely events with wit and perfectly timed posts. Be sensitive to the social and political climate because you don't want to be famous for something negative. It's not true that bad publicity is still publicity because it can incite public sabotage which will be difficult to manage. Be edgy and funny in your posts and make the content easily shareable to your target audience's own accounts.

The power of social media is not to be underestimated in this new age of heavy social media consumerism. It is a place in the cyber world that people frequents and bringing your brand to where people are will greatly impact your business for the better with the right tools in hand. These social media strategies deserve more recognition as they can effectively drive your needed audience to your page.

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