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WWDC 2020: How Apple defeated Android, Windows, Intel and Qualcomm. Again

21 Jul 2020 Developer News
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Image from Shutterstock

We live in a world where the danger of hackers attacking rolling in from every direction. Cybercriminals create new viruses and malware to get inside your devices. Still, at the moment, it is more reasonable to look for free antiviruses for PC. Because your iPhone's operating system is always protected from viruses. Carefully closed system source code and lack of access to the smartphone file system significantly complicate the hacker's creation and placement of the virus, unlike, for example, a computer with Windows or a smartphone on Android. Today, we will dive in the future Apple releases to make sure the company will keep the level of one’s OS security.

Traditional OS Updates

iOS 14

Perhaps the operating system will be called iPhoneOS, by analogy with the rest of the OS. There are not many rumors, but there is an assumption that they will make a new function for customizing the device's desktop for iPhone and iPad. Add widgets and a new screen where applications will be assembled with the ability to filter them: for example, show all applications where there are unread notifications. Apple will also continue to work on augmented reality and launch a new app with the working name Gobi AR: using the camera, you can get extended information about the object or products. Another change is a step towards meeting third-party developers and their ecosystems: it will be possible to install Chrome as the default browser, and Gmail as the mail client. Now it is Safari and Mail.

However, many new functions should not be expected: the company says that they will focus on work productivity and stability. The iOS 14 will work on all devices with processors A9 and above.

iPadOS 14

In addition to what is listed above for iOS 14, specifically for iPad, the company may redo the Podcasts application, expand the capabilities of Apple Pencil, and expand the Keychain password manager's capabilities. There are no other rumors yet, but Apple had already made a big update with iPadOS 13.4's release when it launched support for trackpads and mice.

macOS 10.16

Almost nothing is known about the update for the desktop operating system. They only say that Apple will completely change its messenger for Mac since the current version is outdated and does not even have the features that iOS versions have.

WatchOS 7

Of course, there will be new dials! If it is important, the company is preparing new applications for health tracking. It will also present a kind of "Parental Mode": a special mode that will allow parents to install which applications the child can install and how long to use. In addition, you can install the child's Apple Watch on the parent iPhone.

tvOS 14

Children's mode, for the parents to control their children, as well as Screen Time - an application that allows you to find out how much time you spend watching films.

Traditionally, the newest OS will become available to developers soon after the announcement. Public versions of all OS will appear in the fall.

New Gadgets

iMac. Everyone is waiting for a new all-in-one from Apple. They say that an iMac will replace the current versions without frames, similar to Pro Display XDR. Due to this, with similar dimensions, the display itself will become larger - 23 inches instead of 21.5, as well as 32 inches instead of 27 inches. True, it is not entirely clear whether they will show the new Mac now or later this year at autumn presentations.

Apple can also present:

  • New more powerful Apple TV. There is a rumor that Apple is even developing a game controller for it.
  • AirPods Studio - new overhead headphones for $349.
  • Beacon AirTag: it can be hung on the keys, and in a couple of clicks, find them if you lose.
  • A mini and cheaper version of HomePod.
  • iPhone, iPad, and the rest of the products will be shown in the fall.

ARM processors

The potentially loudest announcement is Apple's transition from Intel processors to ARM processors. The announcement was made on WWDC '20, although the first Macs with new processors will be released only in 2021.

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