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IMEI Phone Unlock: Things To Need To Crack Any Mobile Device

30 Jul 2020 Developer News
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There’s every chance that your network provider locked your phone into their system when you bought it. It’s their way of forcing you to continue taking out a cellphone plan with them since locking your device will make it incompatible with SIM cards that are produced by other networks. 

Unlocking any model of a phone is perfectly legal despite what you might have heard from others. It’s even possible to get your device done directly through your network, although it isn’t always a straightforward process. Do you have other options?  Yes, you do!  So, sit tight and read on below to learn how to unleash your phone’s true money-saving potential.

How To Know If Your Mobile Phone Is Locked

Spare your blushes and check whether or not your device is already unlocked before going through the process of unlocking it. Do this by inserting a SIM from a different network to your phone. Your phone’s screen will display a message if your handset is locked. Try calling it using another phone if you’re not entirely sure if it’s working or not. It’s unlocked if it rings; otherwise, it’s locked.

So, what can you do once you find out that your device is locked into the system of your network?  You can either contact your network and ask them to unlock it for you or try an IMEI unlock service at Either way, there are pieces of information that you need to gather first.

What Are The Things You Need?

You’ll need the following details regarding your handset to be able to unlock your phone:

  1. Make of your device – Is your phone manufactured by Samsung or Apple?
  2. Model of your phone – Do you have a Galaxy S9 or an iPhone X?
  3. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number – IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit serial number. Every mobile handset has it, which acts like the device’s identity. The country of origin, model number, and other details regarding the mobile phone can be checked using the IMEI. This unique 15-digit number is usually printed on the SIM tray, inside the battery panel, on the mobile phone’s packaging, or around the handset. In some devices, the IMEI can be checked by dialing *#06#. In mobile phones that offer two SIM card slots, two IMEI numbers may be found.

How To Crack Or Unlock Any Mobile Device

You’ve got two options if you find that your phone does need unlocking. Here are the two steps that you can take:

  • Ask Your Phone Provider

As already mentioned, you can contact your network and ask them to unlock your device. However, you can only do this once your contract with them has ended. While this is the best way to have your phone SIM unlocked, it may take between three to 21 days for the process to complete.

Once you meet certain requirements, a carrier is obliged by the law to unlock your phone. Tell your carrier that you need your device network unlocked to get the process started. You’ll receive a code that will enable the unlocking of your phone once you’ve satisfied the requirements set by the carrier. You’ll have to input the code when your device asks for it after placing a SIM card from a different network. The SIM should be recognized after entering it (sometimes, you may have to reboot your phone). You can use any SIM card to do the unlocking procedure.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?  The problem is that a carrier might now want to proceed with the unlocking process. It happens if you’re still under some sort of finance contract for your device. They have rules about who’s qualified to be given an unlock code.

Generally, the phone should have been in your possession for a certain period of time, and you’ll need to have a good standing account for the network to unlock your device. However, the rules may vary from carrier to carrier. Unfortunately, they have too much power in the decision, so they can easily decline your request. You need not worry if you find yourself in that situation since there’s another option. There’s always another solution.

  • Use An IMEI Phone Unlock Service

If you’re looking for a quicker way to unlock your phone than contacting your network provider, this option is for you. Note, however, that you’ll have to pay to use this service.

Phone unlocking service providers are companies that buy network unlock codes in bulk. They then resell the codes to the public. Unlocking your phone through a phone unlock service will work the same way as when doing the procedure with the help of your carrier. You only need to pay their fee, and the unlocking service will send the code to you. Use the code to unlock the SIM after inserting your new SIM card.

What’s Next?

You’re free to find a new network that offers the best deal once your handset is unlocked. Now that you already know how to get your device unlocked and understand its benefits, share this information with those folks you know who need it.

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