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How to Buy Facebook Accounts in Bulk

02 Aug 2020 Developer News
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You can Purchase 10,000 FB Accounts for Your Business Needs

Facebook is still the most popular social media network in 2020, yet it is probably the best place to promote your business and sell stuff along with Google. Facebook advertising has been a must-have tool for years. But there is the big issue of Facebook Ads Accounts. All they have limits, restrictions and banhammer for newbies and non popular products and services. What is more important, Facebook runs its own policy, algorithms and terms which leads to the immediate bans to everyone who allegedly violates them. Your Advertising campaign and account on Facebook can be banned anytime 24/7. But how to protect your advertising campaign and get valuable traffic without pauses? Many experienced marketing specialists simply buy Facebook Advertising Accounts in bulk. Let’s have a look how exactly you buy facebook ads accounts.

How to Buy Facebook accounts

As everything else in our capitalist world, you can buy and sell, Facebook accounts are not exceptions. All social media accounts have prices and demands on the market. People buy and sell Facebook accounts for many reasons:

  • Facebook Advertising;
  • Facebook marketplace;
  • Botnet development on Facebook Network;
  • Parsing services on Facebook;
  • Facebook SMM Panel development which means Likes and Followers Services;
  • Reselling and other commercial operations with facebook accounts.

So, as you have decided to purchase Facebook accounts,but how to do it best? Just follow this simple instruction:

  • Choose a reliable and trusted website. We recommend buy Facebook accounts on Accfarm. It is the best social media accounts marketplace that offers cheap Facebook accounts.
  • Choose the needed account product: Facebook BM Account, Facebook with Marketplace, Facebook with Friends, Aged Facebook Accounts, Facebook Account with Content.
  • Proceed with any useful payment method: Paypal, VISA/Mastercard, Bitcoin, Skrill.
  • Just make sure you entered your Email address correctly, because this is how you will get your products.

As you receive accounts we recommend you to check them with any software or manually just making sure they are valid.

How to Buy Facebook Accounts in Bulk

Sometimes business needs a lot of FB accounts: 1,000 or even 10,000 accounts on Facebook in just one batch. How to buy Facebook accounts on a scale? Well, if you succeeded with a single purchase on the marketplace, then you will very likely do well with even 10,000 accounts at the same place. Read this quick instruction and get your batch with no risk:

  • Use Accfarm marketplace;
  • Find the best price in the Facebook accounts category;
  • Indicate the number of accounts, as many as you need. Sometimes even if you needs exceed the stock, then you may contact support and ask for even greater amount of accounts;
  • We recommend ask for bonuses and discounts on Accfarm;
  • NOTE: You can ask for replacements and refund policy for even such a huge batch as 10K accs.
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