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How to Validate an App Idea and Launch it Quickly

06 Aug 2020 Developer News
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How many times have you ever thought of an idea or an event and think of how easy it would be if there was an app for that? Or do you have an app idea that has great potential to solve problems in peoples’ lives? The idea that there should be apps for everything is the main reason why we have millions of apps that are operating today. A startup app does not need a lot of users to be considered a validated business model. So, how do you validate your app ideas and launch it fast? How do you confirm that your app idea is any good? Below are some of the important steps on what to do with an app idea before it gets validated and ready for launch.

The Five Stages of Mobile App Idea Validation

There are five important stages to ensure that an app idea fits with your future goal. They include;

1 Find an app idea

Where should you head out to for an app inspiration? The first step of how to validate an app involves finding the app idea. The best way to come up with an app idea is to identify a specific problem and build a solution for that particular issue. After conducting research on the app idea, you get the knowledge on what type of market you are going to invest in, the risks associated, and the best marketing strategy for your app. As for the app idea, examine whether users desire to meet their needs with your planned product and whether they will pay for it.

2 Do your keyword research

If you are not well conversant with online marketing and SEO, it can be quite difficult to estimate search demand. Conducting keyword analysis lets you understand what the people in your field are thinking about. To get started, look for about 20 words or phrases that you think people are going to check for to find your submission. Once the list is ready, put it in tools like Moz keyword or Google AdWords explorer to see how much traction the words are getting. The search volume tells you whether people are looking for app ideas like yours. Also, the list of keywords will come in handy in other steps later when promoting your app.

3 Build a minimum viable product

Building an MVP means that you want to prevent expenses incurred in developing a product that is not fully defined. The idea is to test your app idea, analyze and find out which one is viable and which one needs a little adjustment so that it can join the market or on this site. You do this by quickly developing an app with minimum resources enough to test the product with a certain group and their interactions with the app. And if the test comes out efficiently, you can now start researching who could develop your app. This whole process is for you to confirm whether your app idea is good enough for people to purchase it.

4 Build your brand

After successfully analyzing your MVP, it’s now time to build your brand. With new apps being developed every day, you must act quickly and build your brand identity before your valid idea becomes obsolete. Come up with good visual identity, design, and easy functionalities that could guarantee public approval. The brand needs to help people value the app idea and use it.

5 Create a sales plan

If your app idea solves people’s problems exceptionally then the sell offer will be good. Before making an extensive business plan, focus on how to get your first clients. The point of validating your app is to reach your customers who want to use it. Therefore, it is essential to create a business plan that embraces your marketing strategies and start selling to your potential investors and partners.


Here is everything you need to get started with the validation of your app idea.

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