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How to Setup a VPN on iPhone or iPad and Why

08 Aug 2020 Developer News
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Setting up a VPN on your iPhone/iPad isn't that big of a deal if you know the necessary steps. This short guide is here to educate you on how to do it. Thanks to the VPN industry's significant growth, most of the applications have a very quick setup. However, it's essential to choose a provider that follows modern encryption trends. A VPN allows you to travel all over the world and use your iPhone/iPad without any disturbances. In case you need to unlock any content in a different country, you can do it with a few taps on your phone. On the other hand, a good VPN gives access to your company's private intranet while on the go. So, you need to guarantee that a VPN will be able to implement all these objectives.

How to Use a VPN on Your iPhone/iPad

Using a VPN on Apple mobile devices is quite easy. Simply choose a VPN service provider, and install the app. In some cases, iPhone VPN can be affordable, user-friendly, and offer reliable and seamless connections. There are two ways to configure your VPN: automatically or manually. The automatic configuration is more convenient as your tech support/system admin pretty much does it for you. But what about the VPN use on personal devices? Does it take a lot of time? Not exactly. A common misconception is that VPNs are for the tech-savvy bunch. However, thanks to input from various providers, it follows a simplistic pattern. After the installation of a VPN on your device, run the app, and sign up for an account. After you sign in, your device will ask your permission to add a VPN to your iOS. By allowing it, you will have the VPN configured on your device automatically. Then, open the app and select the server (location) that you need. That is all you have to do to stay safe online.

Benefits of Setting Up a VPN on iOS

A VPN allows you to quickly switch between protocols and servers with a few taps on your touchscreen. That aside, here are some of the benefits you get from setting up a VPN on your iOS device.

Changes Your IP Address

An iOS VPN allows you to change your IP address on the go, quickly and easily. You can also hide your IP address and unblock streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, even Skype or WhatsApp. In many countries, certain digital services are seen as inappropriate. Some are blocked due to differing copyright policies. With a VPN, you will be able to control the location that websites receive.

Encrypts Your Online Traffic

A VPN allows you to encrypt your web traffic. By doing so, you can prevent any third party, including your ISP, from tracking your online activities. Use your Apple device and apps to your heart's content, as well as regular browsers like Safari and Chrome. Without the proper encryption, your device and data within are up for grabs and might be used against you in various scenarios.

No Bandwidth Throttling

A VPN allows you to prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth. The majority of internet service providers tend to throttle your bandwidth, which makes watching the top-class events live a nightmare. If you want to enjoy the benefit of having unlimited bandwidth, all you need is a high-quality VPN provider. Enjoy Champions League, French Open, Le Tour de France, or Formula 1 without a worry on your mind except who's going to win.

Additional Layer of Protection

One of the best things about a VPN is that it provides an additional layer of protection that keeps you safe at all times. Have you ever connected to a free Wi-Fit hotspot? Be it an airport or a café: every public Wi-Fi spot is potentially dangerous. They lack encryption and the thorough authentication process to make them reliable. If you have to connect to a Wi-Fi spot without a VPN, do not access accounts that contain private data. To use free Wi-Fi without fear, you need a VPN. It will prevent your online bank transactions and private data from falling into the wrong hands. Unlocking Blocked Content

Finally, a VPN allows you to easily bypass any geo-restrictions and access content that is censored, blocked, or restricted. There is no firewall or network restriction that will prevent you from accessing the requested content ever again.


So, as you can see, setting up a VPN on your iOS is a breezy walk in a park, and it offers a range of fantastic benefits that will make each new mobile session even more enjoyable. If you're required to travel a lot and use the internet on all occasions, the best way to ensure a smooth experience is by using a VPN – your trustworthy traveling companion.

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