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PDF WIZ: Fast, affordable PDF Converter that defines Simplicity

11 Aug 2020 Developer News
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The 21st-century business world is getting automated every day, with new technologies promoting faster ways to handle and exchange data. PDF (Portable Document Format) documents have become a popular choice for both students and professionals as it helps to exchange and create documents reliably and independently. A PDF converter captures a document just like a printed document does, but it is customizable as per the user's requirements. PDF documents have become the standard format of all the official documents today because they can be sent and viewed on any operating system and device without incompatibility issues. With the rise in popularity of PDFs, finding a reliable PDF tool that converts and edits PDF files to and from is essential.  Converting and editing documents to and from PDF is still a major obstacle to many users because of expensive software, incompatible operating systems, and lack of usability. However, we have found a great PDF tool that can convert all your documents faster and efficiently.

Introducing PDF WIZ by Starzsoft

The PDF WIZ software does more than converting and editing digital documents. It offers multiple features that make it the best when it comes to the conversion of files. The free Windows software allows you to perform a wide range of conversions, including:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Text and HTML
  • PDF to Image
  • PDF to EPUB and XPS

Additionally, with PDF Wiz, you can convert Image files, Word Documents, XPS, and EPUB to PDF, with more options to be launched in the future. The software is more than a PDF converter because it comes with advanced features to provide you a hassle-free experience.

Features of PDF WIZ you should know.

PDF WIZ has been designed, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the professionals who work with data in multiple formats. Unlike other PDF converters, you can use PDF Wiz offline as well. Another plus is that all of its features are free of cost.

Some of the features of PDF WIZ that make it more than just a PDF converter:

1.User Interface and Security

PDF WIZ gives you a hassle-free user-experience with simple, fast, and easy conversions. Because of a clean and crisp design, you won't have any problem understanding the features and how it works.  The tool's security features are also easy to handle and give you impressive results. Unline online PDF converters, it can be used without an internet connection, so information security is always safeguarded. If you need a secure solution to manage your business's documents, PDF WIZ might be a good fit. The program gives you the tools to manage, organize, and securely store your documents and sensitive data.

2.Cross Conversion of Documents

Besides being able to convert any type of file to PDF, you can also use this tool to convert all kinds of image files into PDFs. Additionally, you can convert the Word files to the BMP, JPG, and so many other formats as well. This feature just makes file conversion so easy, with a few simple clicks.

3.PDF Editing

With PDF Wiz, you can also perform simple PDF editing functions to customize your documents as per your requirements.

  • PDF Compression: PDF Wiz can be used to compress big PDF files and make them smaller.
  • PDF Merge: This feature lets you merge two or more PDF documents into a single document.
  • PDF Split: Use this feature to split a single PDF document into two or more documents.
  • Page Extraction: You can use this program to select and extract pages from a PDF document.
  • PDF Password Management: This feature lets you password-protect your PDF documents, making it an excellent option for commercial use.

4.Conversion of Documents in Bulk

PDF WIZ makes the conversion of large files fast and efficient, chiefly because it works offline. The program won't be restricted due to slow Internet speed, and editing all your documents together enhances productivity and time management. Moreover, with PDF WIZ, you do not need to worry about the formatting of the files because it preserves and conveys the formatting of the original document, just like they appear. So you can easily convert multiple files at once, without disturbing their fonts or layout.

How to use PDF WIZ to convert PDF Files?

  1. To use     PDF WIZ, download the software and launch the application on your computer.
  2. Click on" convert PDF to" to select the file type you want your document to be converted to. You can convert PDF to Word format as well by simply selecting “Word” under the “Converted to” section.
  3. On the screen that follows, you can simply drag and drop the file you want to convert or click the "add file" to select the PDF file from your computer.
  4. After uploading one or multiple PDF files, you can change the settings as per your requirements and then click on "Convert Now."
  5. The documents will be converted in a few seconds, and you can access your converted files in the saved location.

Is PDF WIZ the Best PDF Converter?

There is definitely no doubt that PDF WIZ is one of the best PDF converters in the market. It can be used in multiple devices, and the toolkit is absolutely free of cost, without any feature limitation. You can also purchase the 1-year license to use PDF WIZ for $1.66/month, which is an insanely low price for such a great PDF toolkit. The only drawback is that currently, it is only available for Windows OS.

The downloading and process is streamlined, and you can use the toolkit instantly upon installation. There is no registration or activation fee involved with it, and there are no hidden charges as well. With no file size limit or privacy risks, this is a faster, safer, and of course, more affordable PDF converter than other online programs in the market. Handling PDFs is now simplified with just a few clicks, thanks to PDF WIZ.

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