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4 Features That Your MMA Software Must Include

21 Aug 2020 Developer News
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Mixed martial arts have become the fitness choice for people of all ages. That’s one reason you decided to open a facility dedicated to offering MMA options. As part of the support you offer to your members, it pays to invest in MMA software that helps them as well as helps you run the facility. Here are four features that the right MMA software will offer your clients.

Easy to Check Class Schedules

The app that you choose should make it easy for clients to take a quick look at class schedules. That includes new classes that are coming up as well as the ones the client is already taking. Ideally, the app should allow the client to see if a class has been rescheduled for some reason before showing up at the facility. It should also make it easy to register for one of those new classes and get a confirmation of the registration in real time.

Arranging for Personal Training is Simple

The same thing goes for arranging time with a personal trainer. If desired, the client should be able to request time with a trainer, see who’s available and at what times, and then apply for one of the time slots. Ideally, the app will provide a confirmation that the trainer has accepted the appointment and that everything is set up for the private session. With that confirmation received, your client can be back to whatever else is happening and look forward to time with the personal trainer.

So is Checking in and Out

Busy schedules don’t always leave time to wait at a front desk to check in. If a client is running a little late and class is about to begin, even a couple of minutes can make a difference. With an app that includes a check-in feature, the client can handle this task while coming in the front door and go directly to the locker room. Once the class is over and the client is ready to leave, another quick tap or two on the app will be all it takes to check out and be on the way home.

Receiving Fitness Tips Regularly

The app should also be set up so that you can sent out messages to your clients on a regular basis. For example, you may offer a fitness tip of the day that includes suggestions for lifting weights, perfecting stances, and other basics. It may also include recipes that are easy to make and happen to be healthy. The app allows you to send the tips via email, text, or private messenger. Your clients get to choose which method is used or even if they want to receive the daily tips.

Remember that while much of the focus on fitness management software tools has to do with the operation of the business, don’t overlook the importance of features that are designed for use by your clients. The right app will provide one more way of communicating with your client base and offering support that helps them work toward their fitness goals. Choose the app wisely and it will be one that serves you and your clients well for many years to come.

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