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3 of the Best Slots Apps for Your Phone

25 Aug 2020 Developer News
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If you find yourself housebound and stuck indoors for a prolonged period of time, it’s important to keep yourself occupied and keep your mind sharp. This is where smart technology has proved to be so useful. Thanks to our smart phones we can now download apps and play games from the comfort of our own homes via our phones.  Over the last ten years, online casinos and betting sites like Findbettingsites casino have enjoyed huge growth and success, as people have started to realise just how much fun they really are.  If you’re a fan of online betting but want to keep things fun and simple, it is best to stick with online slots. Because of this, we will now be sharing 3 of the best slots apps for your phone.

Why play mobile slots?

With bricks and mortar casinos having enjoyed huge success for centuries now, some people may find themselves wondering why people would want to play online slots instead? Well, right now is the perfect example of how we can’t always leave the home to travel to the casino.  Besides which, if you get in from work tired, hungry, and craving a game of online slots, the last thing you’ll want to do is travel miles to your nearest casino. With mobile slots apps like Gamblem you simply download the apps and enjoy slots on your phone instead.

The best mobile slots apps

So, now that we understand why the apps are so beneficial, we can now look at what some of the best apps actually are.

Cashmania slots – The first online slots app that we have for you today is Cashmania slots. This online slots game was developed by Vegas Funcity, and best of all is the fact that it can be played completely free. There are of course paid versions too, which feature very generous payouts. Every hour players can collect a coin completely free, and with over 30 Vegas casino slots to enjoy, it’s easy to see why Cashmania Slots is proving to be so popular.

777 Slots – Next on our list for you today, we have 777 Slots. This is another very versatile mobile slots app that allows players to benefit from daily bonuses, different themed games, tournaments, mini games, multiplayer games, and a whole lot more besides. Players will even receive a welcome bonus for simply downloading the app and signing up, without even purchasing anything. The only downside is that there isn’t real money at stake, but right now when fun is vital, who cares?

Pirates of the Dark Seas – You can probably guess which theme this mobile slots app has, but just to be clear, yes it is indeed a pirate themed slots game. If you want to get your hands on some buried treasure, this is the perfect game for you. It is one of the most generous slots games we’ve come across, as the rewards and bonuses are very generous. Also, it is widely considered to pay out more generously than other online slots games, which is also nice.

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