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6 Apps That Will Help You Learn New Skills This Year

25 Aug 2020 Developer News
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Learning new skills is always fun and a good way to expand your abilities and knowledge on certain things, even impress some of your friends and family along the way. But the actual process to master the chosen skill takes time, energy, and effort. What if you can learn something faster, more efficiently, and not even leave your beloved home - that’s what some apps are made for! All you gotta do is find a specific thing that interests you and an app that will provide you the knowledge about it. Here are some interesting apps to get you started.


You impulsively got a guitar for your birthday and now it’s sitting behind your sofa collecting dust, sounds familiar? We’ve all done that, and it’s super common that people give up halfway into learning to play an instrument, they might not have time for classes or don’t like their guitar instructor - either way those are all valid excuses. But, there’s a fun way to learn and get back into music, and all you gotta do is look at your screen and follow the instructions, This app will act as your mentor, while you challenge yourself and learn new melodies, you can even learn specific songs and wow your friends and family when you master it!


Learning a new language is always useful, it’s handy when traveling and it also looks good on your resume. But learning a language like any other skill takes a lot of time and effort. But a lot of people don’t want to go to actual in-person classes, as the schedule is not flexible, many don’t want to sacrifice the time. Thanks to technology, you can chill at home while learning Thai, and other foreign languages you're interested in, straight from your phone! This way you can have the luxury of learning a new language while avoiding big groups of people and fixed class schedules. Set your own pace of learning and go at it - learn a new language without even leaving your bed!

3.Time Nomad

Astrology is big right now, everyone is talking about planet’s, placements, retrogrades, and whatnot, sounds confusing right? Well, with the simple help of the Time nomad app, you’ll be a master astrologer in no time. Learning about the stars is fun, but only if you have the right tools to do so because there is a lot of info out there! This app is perfect for anyone who is an absolute beginner, willing to start their spiritual journey one tap at a time.


Math was never a thing that particularly interested you and the idea of going to actual math classes makes you want to pass out. Photomath may just be the solution for you. Solving math problems seems impossible sometimes, especially if you are doing it alone. That’s why the Photomath app is fun and easy to use; scan your math problem with your camera and it will show you how to do it by explaining the problem and the process getting there.


With the ever-growing and evolving technology, some grew further away from nature. Our mobile devices become like additional limbs to us - we can’t imagine our daily lives without them. What if there is a fun way to connect modern technology and nature? The ‘Seek’ app does just that. With its ability to teach its user about different kinds of plants and trees around them. This is a great way to reach your inner earth lover and become a little bit more educated about the world around you - it’s not just computer screens and concrete walls! This app is also kid-friendly and a great way to introduce them to different aspects of nature in a fun way!


Lastly, if you haven’t decided yet what you want to learn exactly, but the urge hasn’t left you mind for some time now - an app like Skillshare is a perfect option if you have no idea what to do. Not only does it have a plethora of all sorts and kinds of courses to try out, but it’s also beginner-friendly - suited for all ages and skill levels. Skillshare is a cool way to connect with your inner creator and finally head to your artistic adventure without even leaving your room!

You can learn all sorts and kinds of skills and gain knowledge in different areas without actually leaving your cozy home and save the time and energy to actually go to the in-person classes as you’d normally do. Find something that you are interested in, there’s probably an app dedicated solely for that exact thing - and you are good to go! Use the knowledge that’s at the tip of your fingers to your advantage!

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