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How To Watch ESPN Online

27 Aug 2020 Developer News
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The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) allows sports fans to watch their favorite games on cable TV. But, herein lies the problem since it can be tough to watch sports highlights, news, and full matches on this network if you're not a cable TV subscriber. Moreover, you still need to depend on your cable provider if it offers this channel in your subscription. Not to worry as here are four ways you can watch ESPN shows online:

Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You might be wondering how to watch ESPN without cable. Perhaps, the answer to that question doesn’t lie on your TV. Instead, you might need to look at your mobile device. ESPN offers sports enthusiasts the chance to watch the network’s shows with its proprietary mobile app. This application is free to download and use. You also have the option to view the network’s content from its main website. But, try to stream videos from the web or mobile app, and a geo-restriction warning will show up on the screen. In other words, viewing official ESPN content from the company's web or mobile app isn't possible through ordinary means. It's because these portals will detect your device's Internet protocol (IP) address, which acts as a location tag for your gadget. However, you can bypass this restriction with the help of a reliable VPN service. Use a VPN app to mask your device’s IP address so you can view ESPN content.

For example, you might be living in France, and you want to stream videos from this sports network. Use a VPN app to mask your device's IP address and transform it to an address found in the US. Hence, the website or app will think that you're viewing content from the US, allowing you to watch videos normally.

Use A TV Streaming App

If you're a proud owner of a smart TV, you might have access to a streaming app that lets you view ESPN content. Keep in mind that some restrictions might apply when watching ESPN content from these third-party apps. For instance, you might have no control over the content you want to view. Unlike streaming the videos from the network’s proprietary app, you can only watch content delivered from the third-party TV app.

Another problem you might encounter is the videos’ quality. You might be stuck watching ESPN content at 480p or 720p resolution even if your TV supports UHD 4K resolution. It's because the third-party app on your TV decides which maximum resolution to deliver. However, it doesn’t mean that watching ESPN content on a third-party TV app isn’t possible. You can still watch the network’s content if you don’t mind the lack of control and quality.

Use A Mobile Streaming App

Search for an ESPN app on your mobile device, and you might see several options to download. But, most of the applications you’ll see tend to come from third-party developers. But, unlike watching ESPN content from a live TV streaming app, you should have better control over the content you’d like to view with a mobile application. Several mobile apps dedicated to delivering sports videos provide specific content. For example, download an ESPN baseball app if you want to watch official baseball matches. Consequently, you can download apps that deliver exclusive National Basketball Association (NBA) highlights from the sports network to your phone.

However, consider taking the time to read the reviews before downloading your preferred mobile app. Some of these applications tend to overpromise, making you waste valuable time viewing sports videos. Also, only download apps from an official app downloader, like Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. Downloading a sports app from an unreliable source will put your device at risk of contracting malware.

Use Online Streaming Portals

Watching entertaining sports news, exciting sports highlights, and official games is now easier than before, thanks to the Internet. But, you might not need to use another device other than your computer to watch sports videos from ESPN. All you need to do is to access the correct streaming site. Keep in mind that isn’t your only option to watch the network’s videos. Several online streaming sites deliver updated content from the sports network without geo-restrictions. But, some of these online streaming portals aren't free. You might have to go through a paywall before you can view the network's videos.

Final Thoughts

Watching ESPN online without cable is possible with the use of the right apps and methods. Consider using a VPN service, online streaming portals, or mobile and TV apps to watch sports videos from the network. Keep in mind that some of these options aren't free, so you might have to pay cash before accessing the content.

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