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Cross Numbers To Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills

02 Sep 2020 Developer News
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Human beings are capable of reasoning out both easy and complicated issues. We can solve problems even in situations we haven’t ever been exposed to. Problem-solving and decision making is something we do every day. Whether it’s something simple or too weighty, we apply the same skills, engross ourselves into the problem, and find the possible solutions.

Puzzles and Problem-Solving

Puzzles require you to put in a strategic and resilient approach to figure out the correct solution. And it’s not always about the final destination; little things, and moves in between teaching you a lot. Be it any puzzle, go at it one step at a time, and it helps you sharpen your problem-solving skills even further. Puzzles force you to determine errors and find alternatives to the problem you’re dealing with. Sometimes the answer may be right in front of you, but it would come up taking its own sweet time. The process may be slow and tedious, but you must never put off the answers before analyzing or trying them. Often, things you deem apparent, are not so, and the ones you consider impossible may result in the right solution.

Such abilities come in handy when you’re at work or facing difficult life problems. But are all puzzles alike? Every puzzle has its charm – some may just take you aimlessly shooting a few bubbles, while others may demand purposeful reasoning. Amongst the latter category is one of our favorite puzzles: cross numbers. It’s fun, challenging, relaxing, and super enjoyable.

About Cross Numbers

Cross numbers AKA Nonogram, Griddler, or Picross, is a picture logic puzzle that requires you to work on a given grid to find the solution. The rules are simple – based on the clues provided right outside the grid, your aim is to fill the cells and carve out a hidden pixel image. So it’s like putting together a fixed number of pixels at the right places to reach the final image – similar to a jigsaw puzzle where you bring together the jumbled up pieces to form the complete picture. The only difference with cross numbers is you don’t already have the solution; you’ve to use the hints to reach the right answer.

It is also similar to how life throws difficult situations at you. Without knowing the results, you analyze the situation, apply the right strategies, put in all your efforts, and crack the complication. That’s how you effectively learn to solve problems. At times you may stick to the old and tested tactics, but there are times when you get creative to device new tricks and work your way up.

Challenge Yourself – Install Cross Numbers Now!

Cross numbers by Easybrain is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Give it a try, at least once, and you’ll certainly learn a lot about problem-solving. The game offers tons of challenges and rewards to keep you entertained and addicted. Give it a shot – you won’t be disappointed!

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