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08 Sep 2020 Developer News
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Some may call it art, some may call it time-wasters, but we will all agree that video games are fun. Gaming has been in existence since 1950 and grown ever since, but it did not hit the mainstream until the '70s and '80s with the introduction of arcade games. In the present time, gaming has proven to be the Alpha in the entertainment industry, having crushed the music and film industry in popularity. In 2018 alone, video game revenue hit a pick high of 43.8 billion, an 18% rise from the previous year revenue, crushing both film and music industry combined. With COVID-19 rearing its head at the world, forcing us into quarantine, gaming has skyrocketed. More people are finding solace in gaming, and who knows what will happen next? One thing is for sure gaming is striving more than ever, and the trend is not stopping anytime soon.

Here are the reasons why the gaming industry is crushing the entertainment world


Unlike the old days where gaming was a childish recreational activity, now even the older middle-aged generation who have grown in the world of video gaming is finding peace in enjoying some time playing video games. It has now built into a culture of entertainment. Being an adult does not necessarily mean your sense of fun changes; the things we loved to do growing up can still be part of our lives.


The gaming industry has left the world spoilt with choices having come up with gaming software for almost every devise and scenario. Unlike in the older days, one can enjoy gaming on their mobile phones, PC, gaming consoles, I pads, and many others. When your internet has issues, websites have created games to pass the time as your machinery tries to troubleshoot the problem.


Video games have this capability to interact with the player, in the sense that they will give the players a thrilling experience that both the music and film industry is incapable of doing. The music and film industry are limited to emotional experiences, while gaming will give you a vast experience in emotions, thought movement, and excitement. This has given the video game industry an upper hand to other entertainment industries


The gaming industry has, by far, been the most innovative in the entertainment industry. Over the years, gaming has come up with significant innovations ranging from the console, to the pc, with every change bringing about a new, more exciting, and live experience. Players are now part of the game. Graphics are always improving, interaction with gaming characters is also improving even sound is improving, making the gaming experience as lively as ever.


The world is different, and things have changed, the internet being one of the main reasons for most of the changes, even in the gaming industry. Currently, gaming is on a zone of its own where there is an interaction of humans with other humans, but on video games, allow me to put it in simple terms, “virtual gaming." Now we can easily enjoy a game slot with our buddies without even having to meet physically.

 The lengths that gaming has gone to become the top dog are commendable, and the future seems brighter for game developers. Gaming is a force that is here to stay for the long run.

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