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Some Great Tips The Fashion Industry Is Following for Their Video Marketing

14 Sep 2020 Developer News
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Video marketing is hot, hot, hot! Nowadays, more and more marketers are using videos for marketing their products and services. As per statistical reports, the professionals who are into this grow their revenues 49% faster than those who consider it a useless practice. The ones who have still not boarded the video marketing training should get on it ASAP! Different social media channels serve as great video marketing platforms for fashion brands. And to an extent, the popular names in the industry are using these channels most effectively. Whether it is modeling the best sellers, offering a sneak peek into a brand new range, or showing off an exclusive collection, video marketing can work wonders in the fashion world. It can be one of the most helpful tools for websites, social media advertisements, and email marketing campaigns.

With fashion brands successfully figuring out the need to elevate their video marketing strategies, there has been a considerable rise in the use of different tools to visually market their products. They are now using free video maker for creating videos designed to be completely entertaining to the audience. In other words, fashion brands are dealing with branded content. The person watching is exposed to the name of the brand, its logo, and the key marketing message.

7 Tips for Fashion Industry to Promote Its Videos

Apart from the above software, there are seven video marketing tips that the big names in the fashion industry are using to make it big. Have a look!

1. Creating a YouTube Channel

Now that more and more fashion brands are using videos in their marketing, there has been an exponential rise in creating a YouTube channel. The companies are doing this to expand their efforts to a completely new audience base. Considering that many fashionistas spend their time on YouTube, it is not a bad idea to create a presence on this platform. The bonus here is companies can even use YouTube for running their video marketing advertisements.

2. Product Videos Are All the Rage

Many fashion companies are using video content on their product pages for showing the details of their clothing range, which is impossible to present through pictures alone. This has allowed the consumers to get an original sense of their appearance with the apparel on even before buying the same. Customers these days are more comfortable buying a certain product after watching its video. That's why fashion brands have embarked on social media plans that predominantly depend on visual content. This way, they are marketing their products in a very natural way to the audience. Companies are also found to use a blend of behind-the-scene videos about red carpet events and shots, along with tutorials for engaging with the audience.

3. Retargeting Visitors with Facebook Advertisements for Increasing Rates of Conversion

Many individuals do not feel confident about buying fashion products immediately after seeing an advertisement or visiting a site. That's where retargeting comes into effect. Many fashion companies are retargeting visitors with Facebook advertisements to reach people with reminder ads. Companies are retargeting visitors to their sites by creating custom audiences. If they are not buying, the companies are even offering discounts in their ads to get the visitors acting. Retargeting the buyers who have abandoned their shopping carts has greatly helped agencies in generating lost sales.

4. Pairing Fashion and Music in Video Marketing Content

The oldest players in the fashion industry are using video marketing to attract the young generation's attention and keep up with the times. The brands are into featuring musicians wearing their clothing range. The companies are successfully pairing music and fashion for grabbing the attention of young buyers. By doing so, they are producing video content that people are likely to share on their social media accounts.

5. Running Videos on IGTV for Increasing Brand Awareness

In recent times, more and more fashion brands are stepping onto the video marketing scene by using IGTV. They are running videos of their popular items on this platform to seek the attention of the followers. Instagram giveaways have become a common feature for these brands, and they now can offer one new item every month. The brands make use of recognizable and beneficial hashtags for these giveaways. Running Instagram video marketing campaigns using the best picture video maker has also helped the companies increase their brand awareness and followers.

6. Behind-the-Scene Videos Are Popular These Days

Many fashion agencies are launching one whole site featuring online content like styling tips, visual matter, and industry news. These companies have understood the fact that people are simply in love with behind-the-scene videos. Hence, they use this video marketing strategy to push its brand image in the industry for fashion. This has proved to be one of the best and the most effective ways of getting people into purchasing from a certain brand. This kind of marketing has gained popularity because it offers a personal connection that helps individuals associate with brands in a better way than textual matter can.

7. Videos Featuring Celebrities and Known Names in the Industry

One of the best strategies that the majority of the companies in the fashion industry are using is featuring interviews with celebrities in their videos. Teenagers hugely appreciate these. Thus the companies are successful in reaching a larger audience. So, it helped fashion brands capitalize on fashion videos and even provide some of the best fashion tips coming from the known names in the industry.


That is all for today! Though you might get to know about some more tips, these seven are imperative.  Fashion brands must continue capitalizing on the different video marketing channels and their far-reaching power. Videos are one of the most effective ways of circulating the name of the brand around and that too in an extremely quick manner. The effective use of videos and tips associated with its marketing have helped fashion agencies catch the interest of their prospective clients. This is an extremely smart move on their end.

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