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Your Search for A Free Apple Pulse Tracker App Ends Here

14 Sep 2020 Developer News
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Bitsens heart rate tracker
Bitsens heart rate tracker

A new heart rate tracker has just been released from a Lithuanian creative digital agency that now has 4 apps on the AppStore. Bitsens not only has their own apps, but has developed several other top-rated apps for different clients and have been featured in Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Site Inspire, The Design Inspiration and a few other big names in the industry.

Their Heart Rate - Track Your Pulse app has already received some very positive feedback from users, with an almost perfect 4.7-star rating in the AppStore. What is very impressive is that they respond to all the feedback in the comments section, which tells us the amount of care they take in their work and the dedication they have to customer relations.

The features basically utilize the inbuilt camera on your iPhone to monitor your heartbeat and give you the beat per minute results (BPM), so that you closely track your heartbeat history. Considering the current situation the world is in, avoiding any stress or anxiety has become more important than ever before. The real time stats are useful of course, but the ability to browse your history is also great for understanding whether or not any steps to improve your fitness levels are working or are there any deviations in your heart’s activity.

It's this simple:

1. Press your finger against the back camera and flash

2. Let the app take your pulse

3. Find out your cardio score

The design of the app is impressive and minimalist. It is also commented on by users and a look at Bitsens website explains why. It’s obvious that a good interface is important to the developer which is refreshing to see considering the number of badly designed apps that we have encountered.

What makes the app stands out among competitors

  • Accurate heart’s results
  • Unlimited number of measurements for free
  • History and stats section for further analysis
  • Intuitive and minimalist design
  • Attentive and nice developers ready to help anytime

Moreover, it’s a great news that developers added premium features. It’s more of an extension of basic ones available. So, you now can add notes to describe your feelings and see the statistics in a graph or calendar mode. Earlier it’s was only available as a table. Plus, be sure if you’re switching your device or suddenly losing, premium users’ data is safe and can be easily restored once Heart Rate is installed anew!

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