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Text To Give Church Tips: Best Text Giving Options For Churches & Non-Profits

17 Sep 2020 Developer News
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For churches looking to easily connect with their members who no longer carry checks or cash when going to church, online church giving platforms are a popular option. Text giving apps enable churches to present an alternative way for members to give other than the traditional offering plate. These help churches and other non-profit organizations maintain consistent levels of giving.

This post has rounded up the best text to give church online platforms to help churches provide their congregations with the freedom to give online. Check them out below.

1 EasyTithe

The EasyTithe website provides a platform for churches to bring financial support to churches, non-profit organizations, and individuals in need. With a strong online presence and resourceful tools and success system, EasyTithe helps church leaders drive generosity and growth around their financial objectives and vision. EasyTithe allows new givers to contribute on a regular basis and encourages faithful givers to give even more. With a system of monthly payments that range from USD$100 to $USD1000, the platform allows church leaders to grow their own giving and share it with the world. It also gives churches a way to share the wealth they have created with others.

2 GiveNow

GiveNow is a non-profit organization that has recently launched its new text giving program, which can be used by organizations, churches, charities, and individual donors. GiveNow Text enables church administrators to get accurate, real-time statistics on donations, such as names, addresses, verified phone numbers, email IDs, and recipient's purpose for the donation, as well as the amount being donated. This can be very useful for church administration, who can, then, assess the needs of their congregation and make a more informed decision.

Because text giving is completely online, your church doesn't need to spend much money to get started. Donations can be sent via text or email, so it doesn't even have to cost any money to get things going. It's also a great way for a church to promote itself because donations can be sent directly to a particular area, church location, or organization.

3 Qgiv

Qgiv, a mobile giving tool, is a non-profit fundraising platform and an online event planning tool that allow donors to send donations to a specified cause. The program is most commonly used by non-religious organizations, faith-related institutions, governmental organizations, and private and public sectors to raise money for their causes. Through the use of this platform, they're able to build better relationships with potential contributors, as well as increase the popularity and visibility of their causes in a wider geographical area.

4 PayPal

It's one of the largest online payment services that provide a secure, convenient way to accept payments on the Internet. If you're considering expanding your organization through the Internet, then a PayPal account will benefit you in a multitude of ways. Whether a church wants to extend its religious service to the world or if it just wants to receive more tithes and offerings, PayPal provides an ideal money transfer solution. It’s important that churches and other non-profit organizations use PayPal as an integral part of their online giving strategy to maximize their funds.

With PayPal, online giving becomes easy, fun, and exciting. Whether churches are looking for a simple way to expand their reach or are looking for a convenient way to accept credit cards, the PayPal system is designed to help get online giving done, without any headaches, delays, or hassles.

5 OneCause

OneCause is a new mobile bidding service from the folks at GFI Mobile. If you're looking for a way to increase the impact that your fundraising campaign has on your supporters, then OneCause might just be for you. It does this by providing you with the best possible advertising and marketing tools that will help you make a difference for your cause.

OneCause allows non-profits, like churches, to further their cause through better efficiency. As the owner and manager of a non-profit, you’ll find that this particular mobile advertising program is one of the best ways to ensure that your members know just how important their involvement is and how you're grateful for every penny they contribute.


The online giving platforms above offer the members of any church or non-profit organization a convenient way to give. They provide churchgoers the freedom to decide how frequently and how much they want to donate. These apps even give church members the option to automate their giving simply by setting up recurring gifts. The text to give options above not only make tithes and offerings fast and easy for everyone, but also allow organizations to effectively engage their communities.

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