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6 Tools and Applications for a Brilliant Academic Essay

22 Sep 2020 Developer News
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Writing an exceptional academic paper is every student's dream in college and at the university. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with the skills of crafting an A­+ academic essay as some may fail to understand what is required of them. On the other hand, time may also be a problem when it comes to submitting a great essay. A student may not have enough time to research, write, proofread, revise, and complete other given tasks on time. However, it should not be a challenge anymore since there are several academic writing tools to help ease the paper writing process. Additionally, the frequent use of educational software like improves a student's writing as well as their overall school performance. Below is a list of convenient tools to make your academic writing experience fast, easy, and enjoyable.


Grammarly is one of the best and commonly used tools in essay writing. The application can be used for several paper editing needs, including:

  • Correcting grammatical errors,
  • Poorly structured sentences, and
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Proper punctuation

Besides, the Grammarly app is accessible via many platforms, including web browsers, MS Word, and Google Docs. It offers users the desired convenience, as they can use the tool to correct their texts from a myriad of platforms. The app is also compatible with multiple devices, so students and other users can quickly access the tool. 

Grammarly enables you to choose your preferred language. Therefore, you can deliver native-like content in:

  • Canadian English
  • Australian English
  • British English
  • United States English


Evernote is the best and most advanced application when it comes to taking down notes and organizing your academic paper. This tool is very efficient and worthwhile since a student can collect and note down thoughts, pictures, and quotations as soon as they come to mind and use them while writing their essay later on. Additionally, this application is most valuable to students when doing research, developing lists, and jotting down notes. Still, it may pose a challenge when it comes to organizing the gathered information into an almost perfect academic paper. Thus, an essay writer may come in handy at this particular point.

Google Docs

If you want to take the least time on writing and submitting a good quality essay, then Google Docs is the perfect online application for you. It is because the app allows you to go through your paper with someone else at the same time and also go through the same document at different times. Additionally, Google Docs is easy-to-use as it enables a writer and an editor to work in collaboration at different points. Hence you can access your paper at any time, see the various changes and corrections made to it, and submit high quality and on-time academic essays.


Hemingway app is a free online editing tool that allows you to copy and paste your work on the site. Then it will identify, highlight, and give recommendations for the various changes you need to make on complicated sentences, unnecessary adverbs and words, repetition, and passive voice. Finally, this tool may come in handy when you want to decrease your word-count even without removing essential ideas from your essay.

Plagiarism Checker

Recent technological development of the internet has enabled access to much information to students. Therefore, most learners tend to research and copy academic essays directly from the internet and submit plagiarized work leading to their paper being rejected or low grades. Fortunately, there are many Plagiarism Checker tools, both free and paid. The Plagiarism Checker will examine your paper and highlight all instances of plagiarism then develop a percentage report on your article's similarity to other internet sources. The most common tools used to check for plagiarism for academic writing are Turnitin and CopyScape.


It a writing app you can use to count the number of particular words from your paper. WordCounter scans phrases and terms in your text and then gives you a report on the number of times you have used the specific words in your essay. This app gives a chance to decide whether you want to change the frequently used words or get rid of them. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, academic writing is overwhelming and requires a lot of time to complete a task since there are many procedures involved in establishing a unique and top-quality text. Luckily, there are many educational apps, including the ones mentioned above, that students can utilize for a better writing experience.

Finally, using these tools frequently is a form of practice for students, as it helps them to perfect the art of writing, editing, and producing high-quality and unique academic papers.

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