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Top Phone Apps Every College Student Needs

22 Sep 2020 Developer News
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There is no denying that life in college can be really hectic for students. Since you will be away from your parents and close friends, you may need apps to guide you and keep you on track. Also, you have to remember that your studies come first, although studying doesn’t need to be boring. There are many apps that students can use to make busy college life less hectic and more effective. In this article, we highlight some of the best ones.

  • Amazing Apps for Lectures

In the traditional classroom, students had to attend lectures and spend all their time taking notes on papers and notepads. For them, this was the only way to make sure that they don’t miss any important details from the professor. Technology has changed how learning takes place, and lecture apps now exist to make classes more interesting. These capture apps allow students to record and listen to information from lecturers after lessons have ended. All you need is your phone, meaning that you don’t need to invest heavily in recording equipment.

An example of an amazing lecture capture application is the SoundNote. This tool functions as both an audio recorder and a note pad. As such, students can store information during lectures both in audio and text forms. For those who want to capture information visually, there is the Office Lens app that enables learners to take pictures of the whiteboard. The photos can then be converted to Word, PDF, or PowerPoint formats for future reference.

  • Apps for Revision

Another category of phone apps that college students can benefit from includes those created for revision. Those who like using flashcards can consider making use of the StudyBlue. It is an app that uses a person’s course information to generate a set of flashcards to aid revision. Most students find Flashcards+ an ideal study app. It allows them to create flashcards easily on any subject. The materials can also be customized and can be deleted once mastered. The application also allows students to add images to make studying more interesting and memorable. Those who don’t want to create their own flashcards can also download those created on the same topics by other students.

Another amazing app that students can use for revision is GoConqr. This tool provides students with the resources they need to need to create stellar mind maps, charts for revision, and notes. It also allows learners to collaborate and connect with their friends.

  • Apps for Citations and Referencing

When writing your academic assignments, you will be expected to use credible and relevant citations within your papers. Formatting these citations and references will be based on specific conventions, which keep changing from time to time. Some students find formatting citations to be a complicated task that takes up much of their study time. It is where having a reliable bibliography app becomes useful. EasyBib is a useful citation tool that ensures that students include all the required information when referencing. It creates references from different sources, including books, e-books, and journal articles. The tool offers help with different styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago citations. Of course, you can also order papers online from experts by just asking, “Write my paper.

  • Phone Apps for Student Planning

Given the multiple responsibilities that students are expected to complete when in college, organization is key. Having a good student planner will help you to keep track of the various tasks and to make sure that you don’t miss important deadlines. A good planner app will allow you to manage your time better and eliminate distractions. Some popular student apps for planning and organization include Timetable and My Class Schedule.

  • Apps to Test Preparation

Are you preparing for an important exam or test? There are some incredible test prep apps you can use. For instance, there is the BenchPrep, which makes use of functionality the mirrors social networking to link students with other test-takers. This way, the learners can go through study materials easily and share resources like notes and quizzes. Another interesting test preparation application is the TCY Exam Prep.

  • Apps for Video Calls

Effective communication will be an important part of your social and academic life when in college. You will need to make calls at the most affordable rates while getting the best quality of service possible. Of course, most students are already aware of such apps like FaceTime and Skype.

However, video calling technology is now becoming ever more accessible as quality cameras get integrated into phones, and the speed of the Internet connections gets improved. Other than FaceTime and Skype, students can also use Tango and IMO to communicate with each other and to stay in touch with their friends and family.

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