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8 Useful Apps for College Students

22 Sep 2020 Developer News
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College apps
College apps

College life requires students to juggle a lot on an everyday basis. Fortunately, technology has provided some apps to make life easier for college students. Various apps assist college students in terms of financials, studying, research, and even fitness. In that regard, we have identified some of the apps that serve to be essential to a college student’s life.

Your University’s Official App

The first app you need to have as a student is the official app for your college or university. Many major colleges have mobile apps for their students that provide much information that students need. Some of these apps include registration information and even news about the different courses.

However, some universities have websites instead of apps where students can visit to access much information about the institution and related to their course.


One of the challenges for collegians is usually maintaining focus when studying. Phones can be very distracting, especially when students are busy working. Social media can be quite tempting when you have a paper to complete.  So, Flippd helps students unplug. You are able to set it depending on the number of hours where you need focus, and you can even set it for a full day. The app allows you to take breaks that you can schedule and reminds you when it is time to resume focus.

Google Drive and Calendar

These apps are essential when it comes to organization. Google Calendar helps you organize your time properly and schedule any tasks during the day. You can even set reminders for recurring events or activities such as exams, training time for athletes, and even assignments that you are to complete. You can use calendar apps from other companies depending on your preference. Just have one, and you will find it easier to manage your time and avoid last-minute rushes.

Google Drive helps you store your documents. A lot of the work you do in college will be in the form of digital copies. Sometimes even professors give notes in the form of docx. and PDF documents. So, Google Drive allows you to organize and securely store these files in their cloud. You can access the files from any device, even if you lose your laptop or your phone.

Finance Apps

For the financial aspect of a student’s life, you need an app like Mint or Wally. Mint and Wally help students keep track of their finances while in college. It helps you keep tabs on your spending, bills, and even luxuries. You can even include the finances for “buy essay” activities.

Mint goes even further as to provide budgeting suggestions that you can adapt based on your spending. The app can even help you see your credit score, which is a bonus.

Venmo is another financial app that makes it easier to access your money from the bank. It helps you link your card or bank account so that you can retrieve money easily without the need to get to an ATM. You can also receive money via Venmo and have it transferred to your account.

Scholarship Apps

One of the most well-recognized scholarship apps is Scholly. It is the app that helps students get the right scholarships. You can keep track of your scholarship application within the app and even provides deadlines and other significant notifications. Students even receive tips for composing scholarship essays.

Text Book Apps

College textbooks can be quite expensive if you buy them new. An app like Chegg provides cheaper alternatives for students. You can choose to purchase E-books or physical books. There’s also the option to rent these books, and their free shipping policy is convenient. There is also eBay and Amazon available for such services.

Language Apps

For students who are interested in learning a new language, Duolingo is a good example of an app that you can use to get you started. Duolingo provides gradual lessons to students across more than 30 languages, including Klingon. The app makes it interesting and like a game and even motivates learners.


Twitter is a great source of information on your campus and even about the happenings in the world. All you need to do is have a search for your university, and you should be able to see various accounts that you can follow related there.

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds of apps that can be useful for a student; it usually mostly depends on one’s needs. For example, there are apps for providing research citations, fitness apps, water drinking apps, dictionary apps, notetaking apps, and others. However, your device can only handle a couple of them, so pick what you need.

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