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Best Apps for an Online Learning Student

06 Oct 2020 Developer News
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Online learning

Online learning is a great way to up your skills and advance your career. Choosing the correct apps for your smartphone will make the whole process much easier, so here are eight great apps that will take away some of the challenges of being an online student. 

1: A Day Planner App

Organization is key when it comes to studying online. You will be responsible for your time, which can easily slip away, so getting a grip on your days and making sure you know what is coming up each week will be incredibly beneficial. Managing your time efficiently will come much easier if you have a plan right in front of you. Get yourself a day planner on your phone and never miss a deadline again!

2: Countdown App

Much like a day planner, a countdown will let you know exactly what you have coming up, with the bonus of how many days and hours! If you have a test due, simply login to your countdown app, and then you’ll be able to see how long you have left. Say goodbye to cramming the night before, as you’ll make sure you have plenty of time to spare if you can see the minutes ticking down!

3: Flashcard App

A great way of studying is using flashcards, and an even better way is by using a flashcard app. Flashcards get the important bits of information in your head quickly and having them on your phone means you are more likely to pull them out and do some fast studying. You could be waiting in line at the store or taking the bus to work and easily pull up your flashcards, making studying easy wherever you are. There’s also the bonus that there’ll be no paper wasted on flashcards!

4: Text App

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an essay or story you’re writing and decided not to write it down, only to find that later you cannot remember? Yes, we’ve all been there, and having a text app on your phone will mean you can jot it down without the inconvenience of having to rummage around your bag for pen and paper. You won’t be writing your essays in the text app, but it will be handy for when an idea pops into your mind, and you need to get it down before it disappears quickly. 

5: Quiz App

Another great app for studying is a quiz app. Find one for the subject you’re studying, and each time you find yourself with a minute to spare, have a go! If you’re doing a DNP degree, for example, you can find a medical quiz app and educate yourself every time you open up your phone! As an online student, there is a big chance that you also work or have other responsibilities in your life, so fitting in time to study can become difficult. Having an app like this on your phone would therefore be brilliant for slotting in short bursts of revision no matter where you are. 

6: An App to Block Other Apps

This one is almost essential. Distractions are easy, and when you are someone who’s mind can drift from studying towards social media, then using a blocking app would be perfect. You need to shut out the rest of the world when you are studying, and these apps allow you to do just that. Even if you just need fifteen minutes of peace while you revise, these apps will allow you that. So, switch off, and get some studying done!

7: Instant Messaging

When you are studying online, most likely you won’t be seeing your professors and peers in real life. This means forming group chats and having one on one conversations online is essential to making connections and friendships. Make sure to get yourself a great instant messaging app so you can keep up with everyone. 

8: Video Chat App

Like instant messenger, a face messaging app will be essential for keeping up with other students and your tutor. Having an app where you can all facetime each other at the same time will mean these connections can be strengthened. 

9: Brainstorming App

If you want to squeeze in a bit of study mapping or brainstorming while you’re out and about, a brainstorming app is essential. You won’t need a pen or paper, just your own brain and your smartphone. Just like the text app, you will be able to get your ideas down, but in a much clearer format so you can link all of your ideas together.  

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