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Who’s Winning the Online Bingo Platform Race?

14 Oct 2020 Developer News
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Whether or not you’ve ever tried your hand at bingo, the game involves luck. And is, therefore, a major draw among recreational and amateur gamblers looking to have a good time. With the evolution of the internet, online bingo platforms are on the rise, with new casinos mushrooming almost every day. If you’re a fan of online bingo or would like to try out similar casino games, play online pokies for real money at Casino Rocket. Online bingo is fun as it involves low investments, offers great value for money, and is entertaining above all else! In order to measure who’s winning the online bingo platform race, it’s paramount we first take a look at the most popular bingo games.

Four Most Popular Bingo Games

1.    The Chase Bingo – A 90-ball variant of Bingo, The Chase is a popular choice that has been around for a long time. The rules are simple. The winner receives a single line on their ticket while the runner-up gets 2-lines on the same ticket. The prize is given out to the winner, chosen among the chaser and the full house. Hence, the name!

2.    Deal or No Deal Bingo – Available in 75 and 90-ball versions, the players can stake on the jackpot for a chance to win the total sum. The Pot keeps rising with every consecutive round while there are four winning combinations. The winners get to choose between the prize pool and the contents of the box.

3.    Coronation Street Bingo – The game started out a decade ago as an exclusive title on gala bingo websites and is quite similar to other 90-ball games. Coronation Street Bingo follows the winning rules of 1st line, 2nd house, or full house and is ideal for the online platform.

4.    Flash Fives Bingo – The game is among the newer breeds of bingo and uses cards instead of balls. Flash Five starts with players buying their tickets while a timer counts the duration in reverse for interested players to buy said tickets. The dealer hands five cards over to each player after removing the jokers. The cards are handed out in random and the first person to clear their hand wins.

How to Decide Which Bingo Platforms to Choose?

Choosing the best bingo site depends on individual preferences. However, there are a few deciding factors that can help ease the decision.

1.    Brands – Look for online bingo casinos that are part of a larger corporation. These tend to offer better services and are reliable for the most part.

2.    Theme – A majority of bingo operators choose a certain theme for their platforms. Search for one that meets your requirements and is easy to navigate.

3.    Gameplay – Perhaps the most important criteria for gamers, check out the gameplay before shortlisting a few potential operators.

4.    Payments – The best operators usually have the easiest deposit and withdrawal norms to make the player’s life easier. Search for online bingo platforms with that in mind!

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