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Crypto Trading Guide: Things that Every New Trader Should Know

15 Oct 2020 Developer News
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Some people who have heard the word “cryptocurrency” for the first time may think that it is merely a medium of transfer. Behind the creation of cryptocurrencies is an original idea of enabling a peer-to-peer transfer even without the use of intermediates. The prefix “crypto” refers to the study and practice of techniques to secure communication. As for the bitcoin, it comes with a safe system that is being linked with an algorithm that helps miners in generating new coins or maintaining the system.

Do not stress yourself if you are a new trader and still have less knowledge and experience. Below are some of the ideas that may help you improve your trading decisions.

Cryptocurrency Trading Quick Plan

You can take advantage of a quick plan to start trading. Take a look at the following steps:

Step 1: Decide whether to own the crypto or speculate on the price

Step 2: Fund the account

Step 3: Buy the crypto or open a trade

After you follow these steps, you are then a crypto trader. In case you want to own the cryptocurrency, an exchange is necessary. If you simply want to have a hunch, then you will need a broker.

Comparing Brokers

One of the most important decisions that you will make as you enter the world of crypto trading is the platform you’ll use to trade on. Besides, you also need to know that the exchange serves as your digital wallet. While some brokers offer particular products, others specialize in cryptocurrency trades. Several brokers provide traditional trading through CFDs or Forex or even crypto multipliers. For a trusted platform, you can consider the bitcoin code app

Trading Tips for Beginners

Other than choosing a broker and trying different platforms, there are several things that you need to understand once you step into the trading area. These include:

Determining What Is Going

Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are known for their ease of use and tradability. However, Monero, Ripple, Das, and Zcash are other cryptos to keep an eye on. Make it a homework to figure out where to focus your attention and what is on the up.

Understanding Blockchain

Some people hesitate to become part of the crypto community because they assume that they need to understand the technical complexities. However, a basic understanding is enough to respond to announcements and news necessary for predicting future price movements.

Embracing Volatility

If you want to trade in a volatile market, then choosing cryptocurrency is the best decision. Think about it. From the $3,000 price of Bitcoin, it went down to $2,000 before reaching nearly $5,000 in 2017. That is only a matter of three months. While it calls for a high risk, it will give you a potentially great profit. It is essential for you to have a regular check on the volatility of the exchange you are into.

Studying the Metrics

By simply looking at the number of active wallets versus the number of wallets together with the current trading volume, you have the best chance to give a particular crypto a current value. After that, it’s a lot easier for you to make trading decisions according to the current market price. Keep in mind that the more accurate predictions you make, the better chances for profits.


Do not be discouraged if you still don’t understand some technicalities in crypto trading. You can consider the above ideas and enter the trading arena smoothly. Besides, you need to focus on the latest news and technical analysis for a better trading decision.

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