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Top 5 beginner-friendly investment apps

16 Oct 2020 Developer News
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Investment apps

With investing becoming more and more popular, investment applications also improve to meet user demand, both security and accessibility wise. Here is the list of top 5 beginner-friendly investment apps.


If you're a beginner looking to buy ethereum, the app is easy to use & at the same time meets all licensing and security requirements that a cryptocurrency exchange has to have. Kriptomat is considered one of the best apps for investment in the crypto world.

There are fewer fees and no hidden costs. Their prices are as low as they can go, and in addition, they always notify you of the exact amount you'll receive before you confirm each transaction. Kriptomat is government-regulated, legally compliant, and fully-licensed in Estonia under EU legislation. You can also make multiple purchases using various payment methods. Finally, they listen to their users and have added all the most requested digital currencies.


Robinhood is considered to be one of the best standards of investment for beginners. There are no restrictions, hidden fees, hassles involved in establishing an account. The only thing you pay for is security. You can virtually buy anything using your account - ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and about anything your mind can fathom besides mutual funds. You can even purchase penny stocks. Robinhood is also straightforward to use app; it provides all necessary tools to complete investments efficiently and protected by the security measures in place.


Stash is a place where you can invest all of your money. The rate is a low $3 per month, with which you can completely manage your brokerage, checking, and retirement accounts. There is also an option to pay $9 per month, which expands into two separate custodial accounts, a debit card, and access to investing materials. The goal of this investment app is to allocate all your money in one easy app. The application is also very beginner-friendly, with the option to learn investment and future coaching for a relative fee.

4.Charles Schwab

This beginner-friendly investment app acts as a trading tool for stock traders - regardless of how informed you are in investment. Compared to most of its competitors, the application allows zero-commission trades, alongside no service fees or zero account minimums. Even ETF trades do not require any money. You also pay zero dollars for an account. Combine the mentioned with a very intuitive UI and access to all industry insights; the application is a golden medium for investment both for beginners and seasoned investors. The customer service is also exceptional when it comes to Charles Schwab; you can call a live person from the company for any need of assistance.


Wealthfront is at the top of many lists, and there is good cause for it: it is one of the best apps for "set it and forget it" investment. The application provides various automation tools and effortless investment methods without going through other apps' rigorous time-consuming process. There is a risk-tolerance quiz that newcomers have to pass. The test helps the application to configure a portfolio that's accustomed according to your risk factor. The app charges a small 0.25% fee for the management. To have fees waived, you can refer other people to the app. If you are new in the field of investment, you shouldn't be very concerned regarding the singular drawback - fractional shares aren't offered.

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