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GamStop App Not Working: What to Do?

27 Oct 2020 Developer News
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Gamstop App

In the United Kingdom, the initiative to promote safer and more responsible gambling has been implemented since the growth of this field. Apart from the stricter laws enforced by the UK Gambling Commission, several schemes were launched to ban the players from the licensed gambling platforms. This step forced the appearance of sports betting sites not on Gamstop scheme available for UK players.

GamStop is one of the most popular self-exclusion schemes to limit the gambling activities of vulnerable players. This program was released in 2018 and is run by the nonprofit organization National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. This free independent organism is responsible for preventing gamblers who want to prohibit themselves from gambling websites or apps run by licensed operators in the UK.

The self-exclusion period of the gambling platforms depends on the customer’s choice which can be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Those who want to reach GamStop are required to register on this service and choose the restriction period. So; what to do if GamStop is not working?

Try Internal Limits of Operator

Internal Limits of Operator” is among the services that have collaborated with Gamstop. Actually, Gamstop allows players to prevent gambling addiction by banning themselves from gambling operators. Since this organism helps people to exclude themselves from gambling operators of their choice, it has cooperated with other organizations including Internal Limits of Operator. Hence, it is necessary you try this solution when you cannot reach Gamstop.

Their services are alike as both provide effective solutions to ban players from the gambling platforms. With quality and effective services, people can choose the gambling platforms that they want to be prohibited. Opting for Internal Limits of Operator enables the customers to avoid gambling problems. As this solution is bundled with gamblers’ support, those who download the app will be prevented from gambling addiction or other problems related to gambling.

Try BetBlocker

Developed and founded by, BetBlocker is an app that helps you to block yourself from the gambling platforms. is, actually, is a service created to review the online casinos and recommend the best ones for the customers.

The solution was released in 2019 to reduce gambling-related problems in the UK as well as to encourage responsible gambling. Similar to GamStop, the players who want to ban themselves from gambling websites have to download the BetBlocker app on their Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Then, they can choose the period of time they want to be excluded. They can prohibit themselves from the operators of their choice after downloading this app. As BetBlocker has cooperated with several gambling operators, the customers are able to have a large choice regarding the gambling platforms.

Try Gamban

With the policy to prevent vulnerable gamblers from using gambling websites, another worthwhile app is Gamban. This option has a good reputation to be one of the effective solutions for blocking gambling platforms. Launched by GambleAware in 2015, this service aims to help and support the players who need help and assistance.

GambleAware is, in fact, an independent charity created to reduce the problems related to UK gambling. This organism is responsible for funding the treatment, education, and research services associated with gambling in the UK. The interested gamblers are required to install the app as it works on android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. Once the app is installed, the customers will no longer have access to the websites they have chosen.

Ask GamStop Support to Help You

Another solution when GamStop is not working is to ask this service’s support to help you. Gamstop is available 24/7 and can be reachable through live chat, phone, and email. Since the priority of this organism is to satisfy its customers, the trained and skilled team is always available to support those who need help.

As a matter of fact, you can contact the customer service representative via the helpline phone number on (866) 323-2321 and (800) 883-8895. In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is packed with the common questions that provide information about Gamstop. Since the questions are frequently asked, you just check the text consisting of questions and their answers.

Try GamCare Counselling Services

GamCare has been in existence for more than 20 years and this independent charity is created to apply responsible gambling by preventing gamblers from gambling addiction. GamCare is operated by the National Gambling Helpline and comes with the three main responsibilities such as supporting the gamblers who need help, offering prevention and public education, and working with the gambling operators.

As this centre for support and information has many years of experience, the counseling service of this organization is effective since it helps you to clarify issues and answer any questions. This charity organization resembles Gamstop in terms of protecting players from gambling-related harms so you can contact its support service when you cannot reach Gamstop.

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