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Gambling Therapy App Review

27 Oct 2020 Developer News
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Gambling therapy app
Gambling therapy app

The Gordon Moody Association is a compulsive gambling recovery service that has been a pioneer in the UK by offering residential treatment for those with severe/chronic problem gambling, having great success in their approach.

With the projection of preventing people from falling in the dire conditions that problem gambling can put them in, the Association has launched their app to help those under major risk to control the urge of gambling their more valuable assets: life and family.

Gambling Therapy

With near 50 years of experience providing counselling and recovery treatment in patients, the Gordon Moody Association has transferred their know-how literally to the reach of your hands with this app. It is recommended to use the bundle of self-exclusion services such as Gamstop and Gambling Therapy methods.

Individually, these schemes could be less effective because of the presence of non Gamstop online casinos available for British customers. With this virtual counsellor on the go, the gambling therapy app is designed to help everyone with its concerns (and even treatment) towards problem gambling in the most holistic way at no cost.

Key Features of the Gambling Therapy App

Self-assessment questionnaire: where you can determine the depth of your problem gambling concern based on the DSM-5 criteria.

Text-based live support.

Mindfulness and self-help exercises. A more holistic approach to tackle the origin of problem gambling while freeing you from all the triggers of this disorder.

Crisis support information

Daily motivational quotes to keep you going in your quest to recover.

• Links to blocking software. To help you self exclude yourself from gambling.

• Directory of organizations that can help

• Access to the GT online forums. Connecting and sharing experiences with others seeking recovery will help you learn the best practices while bonding with those willing to achieve it.

How it Works?

Gambling therapy doesn't require much space and even (invasive) permissions to operate in your android or iOS device. Navigating in the app comes easy thanks to the simplicity of its interface.

Like a mobile version of the original website, Gambling therapy provides Gordon Moody's best resource to your fingertips. The Problem gambling quiz will dictate an overview of your current situation, and the diary will help you track all your progress according to a serious question you must answer.

If you think you are losing grip, the live help will help you engage in a solution for your concerns. The daily exercises and workbooks options are another great feature and a great addon to keep your head busy on the right track.

However, Gambling Therapy is not exempt from limitations.

Firstly, its helpline is only a directory of UK based services, which comes great for residents but not so much for those outside the country.

Those looking for a more dynamic app will get disappointed as it becomes too simple and the fact that certain resources like the workbook have to reach outside the app through email, removes more value.


Gambling Therapy app is a nice effort to address resources on those with the concern of problem gambling. It won't make miracles but it will keep you motivated and focused to overcome problem gambling while addressing you to the right places in the UK to seek more help.

Recognize the Signs

Being able to recognize the red flags on us and others, is critical to address attention to the problem before something more than money becomes expendable for the sake of the flutter.

• you feel that you are preoccupied with gambling Is gambling a recurrent idea that distracts you from achieving normal activities?

• previous attempts to cut or stop gambling have failed. You are aware that gambling is taking a significant part in your life but still try to convince yourself that you are the one in charge?

• you feel the need to increase your bets. are you pushing the stakes limit to feel again that excitement?.

• you gamble when you feel stressed or upset. Does gambling make you feel better and forget that burden in your shoulders?

• you gamble to try and win back your losses. Do you always think that the next bet will make it for the previous losses?

• you attempt to conceal the extent of your gambling The shame of being pointed as a problem gambler and recognizing it is holding you back from seeking help?

• you struggling financially because of your gambling Are you due late with the payments of service, rent/mortgage, and even food bills to keep you gambling?

• your relationships are suffering because of your gambling You always think that those around you won't understand the situation and any flaw in attention will be made up once you hit the big one?

If you are positive in all those questions, before making another bet, no matter the size of it, ask yourself: Does gambling still worth it?

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