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Must-have mobile apps for sports fans

07 Nov 2020 Developer News
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Sports apps

In many ways, technology is making our lives much easier. Some things which we take for granted today were not even imaginable around a decade ago or so, and we owe this to how quickly technology is advancing. One such device which has undoubtedly changed the lives of practically everyone is mobile phones, as it has given people ways to communicate on the go, wherever they happen to be without any limits, credit permitting of course. In the last decade, mobile phones have upgraded to smartphones, meaning that these devices are now able to do mostly everything that a computer can do, making the smartphone an essential mini computer. Its small size makes it ideal to carry as well, meaning a smartphone has become essential in modern times now.

Smartphones are also ideal to keep track of everything of interest. Social media and applications have made it incredibly easy to have all the information you need whenever you need it. Taking the example of sports, the plethora of applications available to everyone is incredible, and some of these apps are arguably essential. Using football as an example, we will go through the most important apps a sports fan must have to be updated on everything essential.

First of all, a football fan wouldn’t be called one if they did not have a live score app on their phone. Be it LiveScore, SofaScore or any other does not make a difference as all these apps are guaranteed to cater for the major leagues and even plenty of smaller ones. What could make the difference is either the User Interface or the other items the app offers. For example, some apps could let you choose a preferred team or teams to receive notifications for, while others only cater to show you the latest scores.

Another important app which will enrich the supporting experience is news apps. Using football again in our case, apps such as Forza, Goal, Bleacher Report or Squawka all offer very interesting and relevant news, be it the domestic league, Champions League or even national teams. These applications make it ever so easy to know the latest about the biggest news in the sport, be it an incredible upset or a huge transfer in the works. Many of these apps will also permit the selection of favourite teams, which will enable notifications with news relating to that particular team to be sent to your own smartphone, letting you keep updated with the latest developments.

Your own team’s official app is a good shout to have as a sports fan as well, but it essentially comes down to how your own team controls the app. Some teams have a big marketing team, which permits them to devote plenty of attention to the application, making the smartphone experience an incredibly integrating one. Some teams permit purchases from the official store, as well as the ability to buy tickets for upcoming games directly from the mobile app, which is incredibly convenient for fans who may not be very tech savvy to use a computer, even though the process would be pretty similar. That said, some official applications may not offer as many services as the ones listed above, showing how this experience will vary depending on your favourite teams.

One last application which is not essential by all means but is definitely worth a shout is betting apps. This is obviously very subjective as the betting community does not represent the whole of sports, but many sports fans actually go for the betting experience, even if it's just for a couple of bets, as I have experienced myself. And mobile betting is way easier if you have a good app for it. That said, having a betting app on your phone is not a necessity as once you stop betting or are not even interested in doing so would only find it cluttering the phone, but for regular betters an app would be a blessing and a curse, as it lets them bet anytime they wish for, but the temptation of betting is quite a strong one to resist once it’s so easy to do so. There is an additional benefit to some betting apps though as you can actually watch games on there, which may not be available on standard channels, although some do have betting requirements in order to watch.

Having said all this, one must have a number of the above mentioned apps in order to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of sports. There is so much happening each and every day that it is a godsend to have such handy resources in the palm of your hand.

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