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4 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN to Secure Your Phone

10 Dec 2020 Developer News
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The mobile phone is perhaps one of the greatest modern technological developments. These days, you are literally walking with your banking, social, and entertainment systems in your pocket. Despite the many benefits we gain from mobile internet technology, are you really sure that your private information is safe when using your smartphone? This is where VPNs (virtual private networks) come in. Here are some reasons to consider getting a VPN for your phone.

1. Security When Using Public Wi-Fi

The portability of mobile phones means that whenever you are not at home, you could easily connect to a public network elsewhere if you need to access the internet. Apart from the workplace, it could be in a café, hotel room, library, or nightclub. The sad truth is that for most of these public connections, data flow is not encrypted.

This means that your data is available to the public eye, and anyone with malicious intentions could gain access to it. To protect your phone from such kinds of vulnerabilities, having a PrivateVPN app would be a wise move. It helps keep your connections private, so your personal information doesn’t leak out to the public, protecting you from potential hackers and prying eyes.

2. You’re Unsure of the Security of Third-Party Apps

Whether you are using an iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile phone, mobile app developers are always busy creating news apps. Some of these are endorsed by the respective stores, whereas others are third-party that you can only force-install. Either way, you can never be too sure of the online security status of a specific app. Having a VPN on your phone can help ensure that data is being transmitted securely without loopholes for an interception.

3. Accessing Blocked Content Anonymously

Are you a fan of streaming movies, watching videos, or reading articles online? If you are an avid internet user, you must have come across content that is blocked in your region. This is called geo-blocking, and it can be frustrating for those trying to access global content. With a VPN app for iPhone or Android phone, you can bypass these restrictions. A good VPN will help you access geo-blocked content from anywhere without worrying about hefty fines or copyright infringement lawsuits.

4. Downloading Stuff

Finally, you may want to download a copy or a file that you already own legally, but you cannot access it at the moment. Perhaps you stored it in a separate storage medium, which is not within reach when you want to use the  file. In such a case, a VPN helps you download a copy of the file anonymously without subjecting yourself to scrutiny or the frustration of having to wait longer than you can bear.

VPNs have added a lot of convenience to our lives. From improving online privacy or enhancing online security, and promoting access, VPNs provide many benefits. The tips above should be convincing enough for you to have a VPN on your phone.

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