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GPS Dog Fence: Pros and Cons You Must Consider

19 Dec 2020 Developer News
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Dog fence
Dog fence

When you allow your dog to go outside, you may want to find a way to prevent him or her from running away or into the street. Some people will use wireless dog fences and others will use in-ground dog fences, though we want to discuss GPS dog fences. Let's see what a GPS dog fence is and then review the pros and cons of this option.

What is a GPS Dog Fence?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) dog fence focuses on creating pre-defined positions to determine the size and shape of your dog fence. GPS Dog fences involve taking advantage of satellite navigation system technology to help you create a dog fence. Many of these devices allow you to create those boundaries from your phone and adjust them as needed.

These fences work because of the collar you attach to your dog. The collar will inform your dog when he or she gets too close to the barrier and it can emit a warning. After the warning, it can perform an action that will discourage your dog from leaving the boundaries, such as playing a loud noise, vibrating the collar or giving a small shock.

This depends on the type of GPS dog fence you purchase, but all of them are designed to prevent your dog from leaving the boundaries you created.


GPS dog fences offer many pros that make it a great option for your home. We want to show you some of those pros to help you understand how this system could benefit you and your dog. After all, you need to keep your dog safe while providing him or her some freedom to run around the yard.

Creating Boundaries As Needed

A GPS dog fence gives you plenty of flexibility to adjust the boundaries of the fence. Since you can change it with a device, you will be able to adjust it based on the personal needs of your property. This makes it great since you can test out the different settings to help you find the sweet spot for your property.

The more space you have, the better this dog fence works. This is because the fence itself gives you more flexibility, but you have to work off of your global position. This means you can easily adjust it based on your personal property and make it the perfect size for your dog. You also don't have to make physical adjustments when you want to change the fence. 

Great for Training

Dogs need to be trained if you want to prevent problems in your home. Due to this, you could use your GPS dog fence to train your dog. You can purchase different versions of these devices that will either give shocks, vibrate or make noise when your dog passes the boundary. This means you can train your dog to stay in the boundaries.

For example, if your dog gets too close to the boundaries, you can set-up the collar to play a noise, which will encourage your dog to stop. This makes it great for owners that want to allow their dogs to run around the yard, but they also want to keep them safe. This means your dog can enjoy time outside without going somewhere dangerous off of your property.

Track Your Dog

Since this product uses GPS technology, you can also track the location of your dog. This means you can get a general idea of his or her location whenever you need your dog to return home. This also makes it convenient if you have a large property and your dog decides to run off somewhere to have some fun.

On top of this, you will have an easier time finding your dog if he or she runs away from your home. Even if you get a GPS dog fence, some dogs may ignore the warnings and run off anyway, so you will need a way to track your pet. Since this dog fence uses a GPS system, you can find the exact location of your dog to get him or her back home.


Every system and product has cons you need to consider before you purchase them. This means we should also review some of the cons you may come across if you choose to purchase a GPS dog fence. You must think about the pros and cons to see if this product will fit your needs before you purchase it.

Range of Error

Since this system uses GPS, you will have to deal with a range of error. This means the boundaries you decide on won't be the exact settings you use due to its flexibility and how it works. This means your dog may not get the warning immediately. Depending on the device you purchase, this range of error can be up to 30 feet.

With this in mind, a GPS dog fence won't work well if you have a small property or if you need to immediately block your dog from going somewhere. Due to this, when you pick the boundaries, you will have to consider the margin of error to avoid putting your dog in a dangerous situation.

Doesn't Provide Physical Protection

While a GPS dog fence will prevent your dog from running off, it won't give your home any physical protection. For example, a wooden fence will provide you some physical protection since it can stop strangers and animals from entering your yard. However, a GPS dog fence won't prevent anything from getting into your yard.

This means you can't purchase a GPS dog fence expecting it to protect your home. You should only get one if you want to train your dog and prevent him or her from running away. After all, some dogs are prone to run off while others will stay home, so make sure you purchase a GPS dog fence specifically to protect your dog.

GPS dog fences can provide some excellent pros that make it a great option when you want to give your dog some freedom. Make sure you review these pros and cons to determine if a GPS dog fence would be a good option for your pet. After all, it has plenty of pros, but that won't matter if you don't think they will benefit your situation.

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