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Things to Keep in Mind Before Developing Your App

21 Dec 2020 Developer News
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Making an app is a big deal. There’s so much creative energy out there and, amazingly, a lot of it is going to the digital sector. Apps make the world go round. It’s what we refer to when we need information. It’s what we look to when we need something processed, calculated, reviewed, or even paid for.

Apps are king in this mobile-driven world. Developing your own is the right move. There is no shortage of people looking for new and useful apps. But there is another side to app development. Hard work and dedication are needed to get it off the ground. There are resources spent on research and development. There are sleepless nights and frustrations at every turn. So if you’re going to develop your app, here are some things to keep in mind.

Software Development

Oftentimes people who want to develop an app are not technically savvy. There are a lot of people in design, finance, and even completely unrelated fields that produce the ideas behind these apps. But apps don’t make themselves. People need good software developers. According to industry vets at, software development is what separates app developers from the rest of the competition. You see a pattern of sales pitch-heavy entrepreneurs flooding the Silicon Valley space with little more than a minute of technical jargon and story to tell. That’s not how you go about it. You pitch a prototype. That’s how you get it off of the ground.

Project Management

App development takes time, but you need to specify the amount of time you’re allowing yourself and your team to use before the final deadline. This is the bane of many creatives, sure. But good project management uses benchmarks and strict timelines; this keeps people in check and working within the resources available. We hear stories of people like Steve Jobs burning through R&D money to support his vision. That’s incredibly romantic. It’s the kind of story that pushes people to develop apps, to begin with. It’s also not the best way to go about it. Find that line between practicality and belief. Do not sway towards one side or the other too sharply. It will ultimately affect the end product.

Paying Everyone

If you’re making an app for Apple, they’re going to take 30% of your sales revenue. That’s the inconvenient truth. So you need to compensate for that, tax, upkeep, and content additions. If your business model can afford to do that, move forward. We’re not talking about angel investors either. Can the app itself stand on its laurels and pay everyone that needs to be paid? It’s doable. Apps do it all the time. You just have to find a way.

Apps are becoming easier and easier to make. Some services allow for so much help and professional touches that there’s no reason for an app to come out non-functional or aesthetically uninspiring. So with all these resources out now, the best thing to do is keep your head on straight, your benchmarks tight, and your business model sound. You will succeed.

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