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Top Apps for Entrepreneurs that you should have on your mobile in 2021

21 Dec 2020 Developer News
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Get used to the idea that your mobile is going to be much more than a competent ally, it is going to become a very important work tool. And as such, you need to feed your smartphone with useful apps for entrepreneurs that will always accompany you if you want them to facilitate the already tough life of an entrepreneur.

In this article I Aabhas from, an automation blog that tells you about how to use a smtp server free of cost to your advantage and email autoresponder, to send free autoresponders will cover the applications for entrepreneurs that I personally use and recommend.

One of the best mobile apps in which you can see pending tasks. This tool is even capable of asking for pending work each day so that you can add alarms at different times. It also allows us to advance, delay and eliminate tasks.


When it comes to having a perfect organization, Asana is ideal. It allows project management, as well as its administration. Tasks can also be shared with other team members, and objectives can be updated, group or individual progress visualized and every detail of the project controlled.


Every entrepreneurial project requires exhaustive monitoring by both you and the client or your team. In this sense, a fundamental tool is Basecamp, which allows you to update and control tasks to carefully observe their progress.

It is considered an online collaborative app that allows you to share files and files, create lists, modify projects, etc.

Bill tracker

Let's now see another of the important ones when requesting a loan. If your venture starts with a credit of any kind, thanks to this app you can have total control of it, so that it allows you to keep up-to-date the evolution, introduce payment notices and even locate good market opportunities in case you need any other credit or is the goal of your business.

Business Plan Premier

Rather, this application focuses on entrepreneurs who choose the start-up mode. It is used to create business plans, expectations and objectives, the development of a reliable marketing plan, etc. All in one tool that fits in a pocket.

Freelance Calculator

Another fantastic app for the entrepreneur. Do you want to know if your working hour is being profitable? What are your monthly expenses? How much should you charge for your services? With this calculator, by entering certain simple parameters, you can even calculate your benefits, your freelance fee, etc.


When it comes to billing, Debitoor is a fantastic app to keep accounting in the cloud and manage it perfectly from your mobile, tablet and even your computer. It allows the issuance of fast and simple invoices, the control of account movements and the perennial update of the accounting.


Another essential app for every entrepreneur. With this cloud hosting service you can save files and have them perfectly synchronized and secure on various computers or terminals. Either from your PC or MacBook, or with your mobile or tablet, you and anyone in your workgroup whom you authorize can access them.


We now see a useful tool to manage meetings with date and time. It is a very effective system especially when the number of people who must agree to attend a meeting or event is large.

An excellent application also for personal life.


We are going with another really versatile option to keep the project accounting. It allows a very efficient management through the incorporation of photos of invoices and receipts that go directly to the accounting book. You can even authorize your advisor to download tickets and keep your tax returns perfectly up to date.


This app is similar to the one we just saw. If you want to keep an exhaustive control of your expenses, Expensify is perfect. However, although we have seen several similar ones, each of them has its own interface and handling, so the ideal is to try them all and stick with the one that best suits your pace and tastes.


Another essential app that any entrepreneur should know. A notepad is an inseparable companion of the self-employed, the freelancer, the entrepreneur, the professional, etc. In this case, one of the best is Evernote, which allows you to write ideas, collect formats such as video, text, drawings, audio and even PDF, lets you add comments to notes and even serves to save invoices and receipts. Is it difficult for you to organize? With this application, self-employment is much easier.

Google Calendar

Another of those meeting apps that offers you an effective and efficient calendar is an essential tool so that no task or meeting is forgotten. Without a doubt, the Google calendar app is perfect, since it allows you to add events, add notes, customize tasks and obtain an efficient organization so that nothing is forgotten.

Rotator Survey

Having feedback from the end user is key to the success of a business. This is how to get rid of the successful Lean Startup methodology. So, if you need to collect data before jumping into the pool, this app allows you this and much more. You can even develop your own surveys in very professional formats to obtain opinion studies and evaluations that allow you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your entrepreneurial project.

Simple Mind

We now come up with an ideal app for people with many ideas. Thanks to this application you can create your own maps, that is, it is like moving your brain to the mobile screen. Everything that comes to mind, add it to Simple Mind, surely in that brainstorming you will find your ideal project.


We continue with another app for meetings and work groups that is specially designed for collaborative work. If you need permanent contact with your work team, do not hesitate to use this tool that allows effective project management. Any initiative can be controlled efficiently from the mobile with this application. A perfect meeting app.


Keeping track of the sales volume of your inventory is also essential in any startup business. That is why Tabshop is so useful, because it even allows the scanning of the barcodes of the products for its perfect accounting.


Having fluid contact with your team members or with your clients is very important. That's why Tango makes it easy to make quality video calls and voice calls that do not consume the contracted rate. In addition, it allows sending text messages and the creation of chats and groups in relation to a project.


Another fantastic meeting and task manager app that allows you to control every detail of your business as an entrepreneur . The program is installed on a computer and then synchronized with the mobile device to keep up with any important updates.


With some similarity to Evernote or Asana, Trello is one of those meeting and task manager apps that allows you to coordinate large work teams. You can assign tasks to various members and check the degree of completion. You can even add links, information or attach documents independently.

Author Bio - Aabhas Vijay is a digital marketer and blogger who runs his personal blog

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