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News about Gambling in India

22 Dec 2020 Developer News
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In India, gambling varies from state to state since each state is entitled to formulate gambling rules. For instance, in some states like Goa, Casinos are legal.

Apart from particular categories such as horse racing and lotteries, everyday gambling activities such as organized betting are restricted.

Although current laws in India prohibit gambling, the country has many legal loopholes and gambling is becoming a popular practice. People are still placing cash bets upon illegal gaming and betting activities in many Indian states.

According to this source several of the most well known companies, including legitimate sites like casumo, are allegedly offering gambling in India. As there is no law to restrict offshore casino sites to offer gambling.

Gambling is a controversial topic, and some people believe that it should be legalized, while others have a strong opposition against its legalization.

According to critics, gambling leads to social vices such as corruption, money laundering, and crime. On the other hand, proponents argue that gambling can be a significant income source for the country.

The legitimacy of Gambling in India

Under the Indian constitution, it is okay for states to formulate their specific gambling and betting laws. Some states have adopted the public gambling act of 1867, while other states have enacted legislation regarding gaming within their territory. Most of these enactments refer to gambling activities in physical locations since these premises were there long before online gaming.

The restrictions in most states are;

  • Advancing money to persons frequently to furnish a gaming house.
  • Being present in a typical gaming house for gambling.
  • Owning or managing a gaming house

Online Gambling

Since the emergence of online betting in the past decade, its popularity has increased tremendously. It is approximated that around 80% of Indians gamble online at least once a year.

Some of the online gaming that they engage in includes slots, sport, or casino tables. However, most Indians believe that the best online casino is 10Cric, an online casino, and sports betting, which is among India's first online games.

Although 10Cric is a popular casino in India, it is different from others. It only focuses on the Indian audience hence restricting people from other parts of the world. Besides, betting on tennis, football, sports, and horse racing, you can bet on the Indian premier league's cricket tournament using 10Cric.

Apart from 10Cric, betway is also popular in India. Betway provides you with excellent cricket betting options as well as an incredible LIVE betting performance. Additionally, gamblers find it easy to deposit money to betway since it works perfectly with Paytm, Net banking, skill, and many other cash transfer options.

The mobile phone has made it easy for you to bet online. You do not need a computer to place a bet. All you need is to install an app of your best betting site on your phone and you are good to start placing your bets.

Apart from the betway app, you can also install other top-tier apps such as Casumo, Bet365, Unibet, Leo Vegas, and Rizk. They are reputable apps that can make your betting experience exciting.

The future of Gambling in India

India's gambling industry has grown massively, and it has attracted a lot of attention from outsiders. Companies from all over the world are eager to obtain the desirable licenses offered by Sikkim state. To date, Sikkim is the only state that offers gambling licenses, and most people believe that it will serve as a pioneer towards a relaxed attitude to gambling in the whole country. With that move, the lucrative industry will open up, hence, providing more fun to the established fans in India.


Even though there is much controversy surrounding gambling in India, online casinos have increased gambling popularity. Therefore, we advocate you to join in the fun. Be responsible while betting to avoid misusing your money.

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