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Hot Apps For Your Grammar Checking

25 Dec 2020 Developer News
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Writing is something that demands a lot of things to be involved so it can be produced in the best possible way. Every person who loves writing, or is a professional, likes to use certain tools which can help them to provide the content of the highest quality. From all the parameters which have been kept using, the one that possesses big attraction is grammar. All the writers use different helping tools for checking their grammar in order to deliver error-free content. Some of them have the best essay writing service in USA reviews. Let’s see are some of them on our list and what applications you should use for checking the grammar.

The Grammarly Program

When it comes to grammar checking, the first application or program that comes to your mind is surely the Grammarly Program. If you ask people what is the best tool for checking grammatical errors, most will pick this tool. And there is a reason for it.

Grammarly is probably the most “famous”, and certainly the most using tool for checking grammar in the world. It is made in America by a company that has natural language processing and artificial intelligence at its disposal.

The first release of this application was back in July 2009 in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Its headquarters lies in San Francisco, USA. It also has some offices located in New York City in the USA, Vancouver in Canada, and of course, Kyiv in Ukraine.

This application is popular due to its helping tools and availability of providing different possibilities for checking grammar. This is the reason why even some native English speakers sometimes like to take a look at its features.

You can discover any potential errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, tone, and plagiarism nature. Usually, the detection of those errors by Grammarly is automatic. There is also a premium version of Grammarly which gives you the opportunity to check all the parameters possible. Sometimes you can be surprised by what you are actually able to correct.

But there is one thing about Grammarly that you should keep the biggest attention on. From time to time its algorithm can recognize some specific phrases or words in the wrong way. For example, if you end your sentence with “ by passing…”, it can recognize it as a mistake and would recommend you to change it to “bypassing’ instead which would be wrong. This can completely change the meaning of your sentence so pay attention to it and check your text multiple times before delivering.

Also, many of its features are available only for premium users which you can accomplish by annual or monthly payment. It is available as a browser extension in most cases or an application for Android or iOS systems.

Language Tool

Speaking of grammar checking tools, Language Tool is the one worthy of mention on our list. It is a free grammar checking tool that can provide many useful features that are downloadable to the writers. Also, this tool is connected to the LanguageTool Plus project. This project is providing improved detection of mistakes for German and English languages.

Language Tool is a proofreading tool supported with 31 languages in total which have been developed by native speaking volunteers at the most. It can be used as an add-on to a couple of office packages like Apache OpenOffice for an instance. In addition, you can use it as an add-on to browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Some languages use “n-gram” data. This is something that requires great processing power and I/O speed though.

Google Docs (or Microsoft Word)

If you turned on a computer and used the internet at least once during your lifetime, it’s almost impossible you didn’t hear about Google Docs. It is the most common tool that is often used even in schools as a basic application. Whoever had informatics as a subject, he probably encountered this program already.

This is a word processor that is included as a part of the free Google Docs suite inside of Google Drive service. You can use this application as a mobile app for iOS and Android, a web app for your Windows, or a desktop app on Google’s Chrome OS.

Google Docs has a lot to offer, especially if you are a writer eager to deliver error-free content. There are multiple options people can use and each one has its own purpose and function. File page is usually used to save your work or open a new blank sheet, resume, snapshot calendar, etc. The home page is perhaps the most used one. You can manage your style, paragraph, font, clipboard, and editing settings on it.

You can use a design page for document formatting and page background settings. Insert page is typically used if you want to add some photos, links, or symbols in the text. This page provides numerous options like tables, illustrations, media, header & footer options, and so on.

What distinguishes this helping tool is its permission system that regulates what you can do in the app.


Ginger is, besides Grammarly, one of the most popular grammar checking applications. It is a tool built in Israel by a start-up company related to language enhancement technology. Its algorithms are often dealing with natural language processing.

Compared to other grammar checkers, Ginger has a score of 95% accuracy when it comes to fixing the writing errors. Something that differs this tool from the other ones is the fact that its algorithm prefers the context of the whole sentence, not only words. If we should believe its founder, the software takes the logical meaning of the sentences into a count along with the database of the words.

This tool is truly beneficial for ESL users because it allows them to write English without mistakes.


Checking grammar tools, finding their purpose more and more by every day. The development of technology helps those tools in maintaining and correcting writer’s mistakes which will always be happening. Those tools exist to help you in understanding the languages and improve your skills in them. Truth be told, the article is too short to quote all the grammar checking tools that deserve to be mentioned. We just tried to provide you with the information about the ones that are using the most nowadays among writers and students.

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