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The Top 5 Best Android Dating Apps in 2021

13 Jan 2021 Developer News
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In 2021, most of us will be glad to see the back of what has been a pretty downbeat year. Many of us have had to readjust to working or studying from home for long periods, with a shift in emphasis from offline to online communication. With people becoming used to longer periods of screentime, the numbers joining dating sites have rocketed. The only issue facing singles keen to dip their toes into virtual matchmaking is choosing the ideal platform for their needs. Here are our current top five recommendations for Android dating apps to light up your love life in 2021.


Long-time Buddygays users have stuck with this outlet because they get familiar with navigating around its clean and uncluttered interface, while newcomers are drawn to its friendly vibe. As this website states in a tongue-in-cheek endorsement on its homepage, it is aimed at representatives of LGBTQ community who might entertain the thought of meeting a like-minded individual. So what are you waiting for? Enter the chat room and introduce yourself.


Online commercial dating has only been around for 25 years, but Match has been providing its unique services for over 20 of those. There’s a good reason for this app having lasted this long, developing such a wide and diverse customer base. It’s always reliable, and there are more than 20 million premium members right across the world who will attest to its efficiency in introducing them to compatible partners. Another reason for its longevity is that Match isn’t just about sex, it’s an app newcomers are drawn to download because there’s every chance they could meet a love interest.


In contrast to Match, Tinder has become known as the epitome of quick results and instant date action. Where some apps will require new members to complete various profile forms to create a rounded background for potential partners to consult, Tinder goes straight for the emotional jugular. Site users are presented with Facebook images and short bios, determining if there’s natural chemistry based on mutual attraction in much less time. The deal is sealed if both parties ‘swipe right,’ indicating the interest is mutual. Spare a second for all those unfortunate singles facing more than their fair share of left swipes. But only a second. This might be a superficial method of setting up dates, but it is also immensely popular. How many singles are swiping in either direction daily? Upwards of a billion. Statistically, this Android app can introduce you to a fabulous cross-section of talent.


The site exists to help folks like you discover and form connections with compatible matches. If two of your key criteria for choosing an app to download are popularity and user-friendliness, Flirt is perfect. The four main categories on the homepage are single women, single men, gay singles, and lesbian singles. You can also search for other site users based on location. It's technically free to join but it also offers its users four different plans and price points if you want to enjoy the complete functional.


Cupid is a well-structured and user-friendly dating app boasting of a total membership running to over 8 million. It has developed an original twist on the traditional A reaches out to B to chat about meeting up scenario. Here, A has a virtual wingman (named Barney), who can be tapped into for advice as the process of flirting with B continues. Aside from this gimmick, the normal courting rules apply, giving you the power to instigate anonymous discussions with B if you like the look of them.

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