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How Social Media Monitoring Can Improve Customer Experience With Your Business

14 Jan 2021 Developer News
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Social media platforms have a significant impact on almost all facets of doing business. From operations, marketing, to customer experience (CX), you should take social media platforms seriously.

Monitoring your company’s social media accounts provide you with a deeper insight into your customers’ activities and behavior. It allows you to take part in their conversation, satisfy their needs, and ensure satisfaction.

Here are some of the ways social media monitoring can help improve your business' CX:

1 Solve Problems Customers Have Experienced

Most customers mention brands when posting on their social media accounts. For instance, if you’re selling fashion accessories online, getting tagged by your customers when they receive it means a lot for your business. If it’s a good post mentioning how delighted they are with their buying journey, you can use it as a free advertisement. 

On the other hand, if they mentioned your brand to complain about the product or their buying experience, don’t fret. Instead, sincerely apologize for their post and personally contact them to resolve the issue. If it’s related to defective items, address the issue right away, replace the items, and ensure that you improve your services to avoid repeating such mistakes. By doing this, other potential buyers will see your transparency and genuine effort to make things right.

A customer experience platform can help you with this aspect. This type of software allows you to find opportunities to engage with your customer in real time. It also has other convenient tools and features that allow you to personalize, improve, monitor, and measure customer experience.

2 Provide Rapid Customer Service

Another way to improve CX via social media monitoring is to provide customer service that can impress your potential customers. Customer service has an impact on your customers before, during, and after paying for your products or services. That means you should be able to communicate and deliver what they need in a short period. 

You can do this using various platforms like social media. It’s because most users have social media accounts, and they use such when seeking customer service. If you don’t utilize social media for customer services, chances are, you’re negatively affecting the CX of your clients.

Since they prefer to contact you via social media, as there are many social media apps ready to use on their mobile, you should also respond using such a channel. If you don’t, not only are you losing potential clients, but they may badmouth you on their social media posts. Imagine how many potential customers get turned off from your brand because of these negative posts.

That’s why you should do due diligence to monitor social media for conversations about your brand. If you do, you may find that some customers stopped engaging with your business mainly because of poor customer service. 

3 Better Understand Your Customers

Most importantly, social media monitoring can give you an understanding of who your customers are, where they live, and what they want. Instead of taking chances on paid ads, it’ll help if you first try to understand your customers well. That way, you can create a compelling and targeted marketing strategy that meets their needs and preferences.

You can do so by joining forums and groups on social media and becoming updated on hot topics related to your business. Join the discussions so you can get various perspectives about how other people see your business. You’ll know how to make your business attract more potential customers because you’re up-to-date with the trends in your industry.

By keeping tabs on your customers’ preferences, you can easily empathize with their needs, and these people can easily connect themselves to your social media marketing strategies.


Social media is a powerful platform both for business owners and customers. Business owners can use social media platforms to improve CX via social media monitoring. Once you get notified about a customer’s bad experience with your brand, you can quickly resolve such issues.

You can also use social media monitoring to provide rapid customer service, which has a significant impact on your clients’ overall CX. Lastly, with social media monitoring, you can market your business more effectively because you understand your customers.

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